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Editor: Question: Concerning the front page story of the Guardian of August 9, I was wondering why The Guardian chose not to contact the farm family who are six generations farmers in this area and why they failed to mention that someone from her family left a message in the spring requesting to be notified when spraying would be carried out (which is not a regulation requirement).

The farmer in question has always informed Ms. Diamond prior to spraying. Did Ms. Diamond request permission to enter the pictured potato field? To take the picture shown in The Guardian, this would actually be trespassing if she does not own the land. I wonder how long it would be until I was charged if I entered her property illegally?

It always amazes me why Ms. Diamond, and people with same opinions like her, seems to have a problem with the farming community and do not consider the fact that they are moving into an area that has been farmed for at least 200 years and then become an instant chemical specialist.

They all sing the praises of organic farming, which also utilizes pesticides. I wonder why all the young people left the farms during the ‘60s and ‘70s? Perhaps they became tired of pulling weeds and picking bugs.

In all probability, if Ms. Diamond went to the grocery store and the product wasn’t perfect, she would be the first to complain.

Reginald Walsh,

Nine Mile Creek

Geographic location: Mile Creek

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