Diehard atheist reveals arrogance?

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Editor: Re: Mr. Harold Smith’s letter in The Guardian of Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

I wonder what kind of statistics Mr. Harold Smith has in hand to assert that anti-abortion people are a minority. Couldn’t it be that the number of letters to the editor actually shows they are a majority in the Island? Many of the anti-abortion people, or pro-live people as they like to call themselves, are Christians and their pro-life demonstrations have been for the most part peaceful and within the confines of the law. Mr. Smith also accuses anti-abortion people of not seeing themselves as subject to human ethics: but what kind of ethics is it that condones the destruction of a human life in the womb of the mother?

The deep contempt of Mr. Smith for his opponents in the abortion debate which transpires through his letter is revealing of the arrogance of a diehard atheist who calls belief in God a delusion. Mr. Smith may have read Richard Dawkins book “The God Delusion” but he will most likely never read the refutation of that book by Thomas Crean, O.P., among others.

Lastly, Mr. Smith brands believers in God as fanatics. Now, according to the Webster dictionary, a fanatic is a person “marked by excessive enthusiasm and uncritical devotion” that is irrational devotion: to put it simply Mr. Smith says that believers in God are stupid. This not only the epitome of arrogance, it is insulting, but also if you are a Christian, you can expect no less from a diehard atheist.

Pierre Jahier,


Geographic location: Iceland, Kensington

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