Dealing with facts on Gaza bombing

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Fire and smoke rises from burning buildings hit by an Israeli air strike in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip, Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

Editor: I am not sure what planet Mike Fegelman lives on, but it is not this one. Where is it written that if you steal my home, land, business, life, force me to move to live under desperate conditions and treat me with contempt, and then when I fight back, you kill and main my children, you are the victim and I am the terrorist. According to Fegelman if I am a liberal and he is a conservative, and he does not like my views, as long as he warns me he can bomb my house.

He clearly has not been watching the CBC news coverage of the Gaza invasion. The people of Gaza are a desperate people, they are not sheep being driven by Hamas into being human shields.

And even if they were, in what moral world does that give Israel the right to bomb their homes and kill and maim them? Children are talking about joining Hamas. These perfect Israelis have a missile shield and bomb shelters, these precise Israelis have bombed two UN schools that warned them continuously that they were schools sheltering innocent people. Israelis, who are against the bombing of Gaza cannot protest because of fear of physical harm by right wing Israelis. An Israeli newspaper editor who has written editorials condemning the bombing cannot leave his house without a bodyguard for fear of his life.

The leadership of Canada’s political parties has neither knowledge of the Middle East nor moral backbone. You see, the difference between Ms. White and myself and Mike Fegelman is we deal with the facts.

Carol Capper,


Organizations: Hamas, CBC, UN

Geographic location: Gaza, Israel, Canada Middle East

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