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Editor: I am absolutely appalled at our government’s reaction to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. In my opinion the terrorists are clearly the Israelis.

Palestinian men, women and children are being killed and maimed. Why do we not understand that when your land and home is being stolen from you, your livelihood is put in constant jeopardy, and you are humiliated at every turn that you would fight back? I certainly would.

Perhaps a little history lesson is needed here. When Hamas started up, who supplied them with money and arms? It was the government of Israel.

How does Israel view Palestinians? In Rabin’s published memoirs, he recalls the Israeli conquest of the town Lod and Ramieh in July 1948 in which he gave the order for the expulsion of up to 60,000 Palestinian Arabs, most of them women and children.

An unknown number died during their flight, he said, and this is a direct quote from him, “The population of Lod did not leave willingly. There was no way of avoiding the use of force and warning shots in order to make the inhabitants march the 10 to 15 miles to the point where they met up with the Arab legion.”

The Israelis have a very large and expensive marketing machine that pushes their side of the story; the Palestinians do not. Our government, the Americans and the British, especially the Americans and the British, have next to nothing to be proud of in their behavior in the Middle East.

As one Palestinian said when asked by a CBC reporter why he was in favour of Hamas, he said Israel was killing us slowly, now they can kill us quickly.

Carol Capper,


Organizations: Hamas, CBC

Geographic location: Israel, Lod

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