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Editor: We all know what can be done with statistics — that they can be interpreted and presented to suit one’s own agenda. Unfortunately, Isaac Williams’ three-abortion-rights commentary on July 12 proves the same approach can be taken with Supreme Court transcripts. Guardian readers have already been discussing this year the necessity of reading and understanding the entire document, attending to the very real recommendations for the legal protection of the unborn, and remembering the context upon which this case was discussed — the problem of therapeutic medical boards slowing down medical care and criminalizing access to an abortion if a woman’s life was in danger.  

It seems to me that these are basic reading skills at a high school level, and that reading and writing with a bias is not intellectually honest. Or maybe that is called ‘academic activism’ now? There was never the intent of the Supreme Court Morgentaler case to promote abortion on demand, and as former P.E.I. Chief Justice Mitchell reminded us, there was a call by the judges for a new law to protect the unborn child, while ensuring danger-of-death treatment was readily accessible for the mother.

Holly Pierlot,

President, P.E.I. Right to Life Association

Organizations: Supreme Court, Life Association

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