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Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay greets supporters after his nomination meeting Monday, which had to change location at the last minute to Red's Corner hotel in Poole's Corner after the original meeting at a Roman Catholic church hall was suddenly denied by the parish.

Editor: Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay had three other options in response to Justin Trudeau's ultimatum to Liberal MPs regarding only a pro-choice stand in any future votes on abortion. Mr. MacAulay could have crossed the floor to sit as an independent. As well, he could have chosen to reoffer and stand up to Mr. Trudeau and declare that no Liberal leader has the right to dictate who runs in the Cardigan electoral riding or any other riding. That should be the right of the Liberals in those districts. Mr. Trudeau has a good deal to learn about democracy. And of course, there is always the option to resign. Any of these choices would have been admirable and are still available. Mr. Trudeau does not speak for all women and he certainly does not speak for me. This is not about a choice; it is about a child. The rights of the unborn child should not be for sale for a seat in Parliament. How sad that these rights are not enshrined in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I have a question for Mr. MacAulay. How do you vote in favor of something that you believe is wrong? That, I don't understand.

Dianne Fraser


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