No grey suits sink Islanders

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Editor: According to a website “... Men's suits offers an unmatched charisma to the wearer. Suits complete the elegance and style of the man in question, so that the strong character of the man is as impeccable as the spotless suits.” Well — now it is fairly obvious why the knowledgeable farmer, fisherman, environmental activist or person trying to defend the ordinary man can never compete on a level playing field —  no grey suit.

This explains a lot — no grey suit — no charisma, no strong character — in other words, not worthy of respect.

And yet — the most influential people who ever walked the earth —Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and so many others, especially religious leaders and prophets, never wore grey suits. Where did they get their power and charisma? Hey, some groups even get a bye — who wants to be wheeled into an operating room and be greeted by a surgeon in a grey suit, no matter how snappy the tie? Anyway, I digress.

It was certainly flattering that Irving representatives met with a provincial standing committee this week to tell us when they will be taking their potato-processing industry from the province. Either soon, because of the apparently poor quality of our potatoes, or when the deep-water wells run dry and the Island is left with no water. This is serious stuff.

Oh, by the way — to everyone at the meeting — nice suits.

Gary Walker,


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