Very dark side to Island’s beauty

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Editor: Finally, spring is here and we can feel the summer heat coming slowly. In the summer, the fields will turn to full colour, and it is so beautiful: the canola, the potatoes and many other crops we grow on the Island. But there is a very dark side to all this beauty. Once again farmers will start spraying their chemicals on their fields and in our environment. Islanders just have to put up with it as well as they can because we do not have a choice; we are told these chemical are not dangerous, farmers are following the government safety standard.

Well, I for one, have some serious doubts about these safety standards. Have you ever seen the chemical companies spray lawns, they are all geared up with the suit and breathing apparatus. After they finish spraying, they say, oh yes it is perfectly safe for your kids to play here now. When they spray the fields, the person in the tractor is closed up tightly in an air-conditioned area.

Yet they can spray within a few feet of someone’s back yard and it is supposed to be safe? Does this make sense to anyone? Now they have started spraying at night so we are not even aware of when they spray. It seems every week, we hear of another person dealing with cancer.

This time close to my heart, a very sweet person has been diagnosed with cancer and she does not deserve this at all, no one does. It just seems like a Russian Roulette as to who gets cancer next. We are no longer surprised when you hear of someone being diagnosed with cancer because it has become that common. Industries are so quick to point the finger at someone or something else, saying there is no proof that chemicals are linked to cancer. If this is so, then why are there so many people on P.E.I. dealing with this very disease?

Anne Gallant,


Geographic location: Kensington

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