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Editor: On April 25 you published a letter from Frederick Rodgers. In Mr. Rodgers' very excellent letter he makes the point how little effort is being made to actually promote and sell Island lobsters.

Many years ago the government of the day hired a group of salespeople to promote and sell Island mussels (Island Blues). They were successful in helping to establish an industry that today employs a lot of people. These growers and processors provide a quality product that keeps restaurants, brokers and retailers coming back.

Having worked in the sales field most of my life I know how important sales work can be. As the saying goes — if you can sell you will never be out of a job.

A restaurant we frequent in Florida features Island Blues on their menu for sure some salesperson made the contact to get them on board. I think the lobster industry would benefit from a similar sales promotion.

A number of months ago one of the grocery stores put a special on canned lobster meat they sold out before 10 a.m. This proves that lobster can be promoted and sold.

In my opinion little is being done to make lobster more convenient for people living in apartments for example. This could be a huge market that is largely untapped.

Charlie Lank,


Geographic location: Florida, Charlottetown

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