Making P.E.I. a life sanctuary still maintains freedom of choice

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Heart and feet

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Editor: This is in reference to Heather Mallick's column on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

I could make this a long wordy composition on why I believe Canada is still a beautiful, wonderful country or how P.E.I. is not a backwater, because as a province we are very affected by the day. My focus however is on how Heather Mallick stated abortions are not performed here and made that appear to be a bad thing.

Many Islanders are striving to make this province a life sanctuary, a place where the vulnerable are protected from conception through to natural death.

What I have difficulty understanding is the fact that there are also Islanders who think this idea of P.E.I. being a life sanctuary somehow prevents their free choice. Also, for those Islanders who have gone out-of-province for abortions, these women have their reasons and I pray for them daily.

Abortion destroys life and is not proven to be a magic restart button for the mom to go back to life as it was before the pregnancy. These women are affected forever.

To portray Henry Morgentaler as some kind of a saint is a waste of ink. He has to answer to his maker. Hitler persecuted the Jews. Morgentaler persecuted the unborn and disguised it as women's rights. Maybe we should ask abortion survivors - what rights they had?

A gallbladder surgery takes four hours of pre-op before it can be performed. Blood work, heart trace and a video of exactly how it is done, with questions answered about recovery and a full explanation of any complications that could occur.

Imagine if a woman requesting an abortion was given the same attention. If she required four hours of prep, knew the stage the baby was at, exactly what was going to happen to that child and the complications the mother might experience. I'm sure there would be many changes of heart.

In the article Heather Mallick states, "People are so desperate to be loved." She made a very valid point. If that was the case, wouldn't every child be a wanted child?

If the pro-choice movement would put their efforts into "positive" pro-choice choices, we would be able to move the needle on quality of life and there may not be so many people going off Island for cancer treatments, heart surgeries, back and neck surgeries etc. Why can't people spend more time trying to enhance and treasure lives than terminate them?

In closing I would like to remind all Islanders reading this, that it is my opinion. It does not agree with Heather Mallick's opinion and it may not agree with yours, but for the Islanders who have been richly rewarded by an unplanned child, believe abortion stops a beating heart, and have it in your hearts "to love them both," I invite you to come to Charlottetown on May 25 at 11:30 a.m. and join the International community in the 2014 Annual March For Life.

"March like someone's life depends on it - because it does."

Isabel R. Delaney,


Organizations: Islanders

Geographic location: Canada, Iceland, Charlottetown

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