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Editor: My favourite all-time public civil servant is Sheila Fraser. She has spoken out against the Harper government’s Election Act. I like Gail Shea, she is my favourite Island politician. If Gail Shea wants my support in the next federal election, the Harper government better make amendments to its Election Act.

The Fraser Institute ranks P.E.I. 60 out of 60 for economic zones in North America. I think this is largely due to our politics. The provincial auditor general hasn’t publicly spoken on the Ghiz government changing the Election Act maintaining the two party system. The Ghiz government has indebted P.E.I. by $1 billion. I support the HST, however, I support reducing the provincial public civil service so the province can give higher HST rebates to lower and middle-income earners.

It is my opinion that Mayors Basil Stewart and Clifford Lee are equally responsible for the provincial debt by constantly demanding government spending and government jobs. Summerside isn’t under the Access to Information Act and has been using taxpayers’ money to hand out political contributions. The question is how long has this practice existed.

Islanders don’t want to change the political system because 62 per cent of P.E.I.’s GDP comes from government spending. The problem is two-thirds of new employment is low wage jobs and as a result we will lose our young people.

My favourite public civil servant Sheila Fraser is no longer auditor general but she continues to look after the interests of Canadians. Islanders are too indifferent to look at changing our political system.

John W. A. Curtis,


Organizations: Election Act.The Fraser Institute

Geographic location: P.E.I., North America

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