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Editor: Re: UPEI professor walking in the halls of theory, April 5:

There are far too many inaccuracies, half-truths and outright distortions in Garth Staples’ letter to the editor to respond to all of them. But allow me to mention one or two. First, his suggestion that carbon emissions have decreased under the Harper government betrays a gross ignorance of the subject matter. The reality is that greenhouse gas emissions in Canada have declined because of the global economic slowdown in 2008 and various provincial climate change plans (especially Ontario’s phasing out of coal-fired power plants). It had precious little to do with the federal government.

But the letter writer’s key distortion was his reference to me assigning poor grades to students who disagree with me. I could care less whether my students agree with me or not. It matters not one whit. What I do care about is they provide verifiable evidence and argumentation, accurate supporting documents, perhaps even personal interview material, and a real respect for research. Mr. Staples was given a failing grade because he provided none of this — and it continues in that same vein with his latest missive.

Peter McKenna,

Professor and Chair,

Department of Political Science,

UPEI, Charlottetown

Organizations: Department of Political Science

Geographic location: Canada, Ontario, Charlottetown

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