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Editor: About a decade ago I read a book called 1984, by George Orwell. I am sure we have all heard the term big brother before. They even made a reality TV show about it. I thought to myself after reading it, technology would have to be so far advanced that we would be decades away from this type of out of control surveillance. It’s just been revealed that an independent inquiry has found CSEC guilty of misusing public funds and “serious breaches” of values and ethics.

The type of data CSEC is collecting on us can reveal everything from our financial status, to our medical history, our sexual orientation, and even our religious and political beliefs.

(CSEC is Canada’s national cryptologic agency whose mandate is to acquire and use information from the global information infrastructure for the purpose of providing foreign intelligence).

The cost of this spying is staggering. Taxpayers are on the hook for over $850 million to pay for CSEC this year, and over $4 billion to buy them a lavish new headquarters that the CBC has called a “spy palace” and the “most expensive government building ever built.” This represents a massive waste of public funds. CSEC’s activities are making our sensitive information more susceptible to identity theft and vulnerable to attacks by cyber-criminals. Finally, I would like to ad that we have a right to privacy and freedom in this country. That is why I love Canada so much. We should lead by example for the rest of the world and stop this spying before this get out of control and Orwell rolls over in his grave as they say.

I encourage everyone to learn more about these threats to our privacy at OurPrivacy.ca.

I encourage each and every Canadian to learn more about our right to privacy at OurPrivacy.ca.

Clint Herring,

Murray Harbour

Organizations: CBC

Geographic location: Canada, Murray Harbour

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