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Editor: How was it? Peter the Great realized that there is this small peninsula in the Black Sea, where the weather is warm, lots of fruit grows in contrast with the cold Russian Motherland. Starting with Peter the Great, every Russian tsar committed genocide. Regularly killed off the native Crimean Tatars, Charkas and other people. Alexander II made an offer to the Crimean Tatars: we will exile you to Siberia, or put you all on a ship and dump you in Constantinople at the gates of the Turkish Sultan. Which is your pleasure?  Stalin did one better, he forcefully resettled the Tatars and what ever was still alive of the Charkas nation to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan. I have met many of them there, still singing about their lost beautiful land. So, now we know, that the Crimea was not Russian or Ukrainian land, but a stolen property paid for by Russian blood.

Then came Nikita Khrushchev, who was one-half Ukrainian and in 1954 gave the peninsula to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It was only a gift on paper, as the Soviet laws provided no protection for private property. Life did not change with the new owners. Russians ran the Soviet Navy, the Communist Party and filled as many jobs as possible. Therefore, they are in the majority of the population now.

Where was the saber rattling from the West in 1954? Khrushchev gave the Crimea to the Ukrainians!

What a great opportunity to give $100 million taxpayer dollars by our politicians to buy the votes of the population of Kitchener and of other former Ukrainians! What about picking up the Tatar and Charkas people from Central Asia and bring them back to their stolen homeland!

In case we have young people, who are reading my letter: “Yes Johnny and Mary, this is why you must study history, so you would not be led down the garden path by some future politician trying to buy votes.”

Judith L. Bezeredi,


Organizations: Communist Party

Geographic location: Crimean, Central Asia, Black Sea Siberia Constantinople Uzbekistan Kirgizstan Kazakhstan Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Kitchener Charlottetown

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