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Editor: Our premier is indeed an amazing man. Just think of all his accomplishments: Plan B, hills of Borden, two pay raises for MLAs in one year, new cars for cabinet ministers (caused big increase in Island car sales), the marvelous Geo-Sweep investment of $4 millions, a record deficit, and his greatest achievement of all — the level playing field created by the HST.

Recently, at his state of the province address, he informed us he has pulled his head out of the sand to save our failing education system.  He moves from one great success to the next, leaping tall buildings in a single bound. The latest and greatest objective is to save the poor potato farmers. They need to drill deep wells to draw more water for their potato crops. In order to do this safely, a wise group of lobbyists have been summoned to the house to assure us there is enough water, even if there isn’t.

The group call themselves Policy Intel and are two unemployed Liberals who silly Islanders failed to vote for in the last election. I’m not sure what the Intel part of their name means, might be short for intelligence. They, along with the head of the potato board, will advise the government to allow deep wells.

The head of the potato board tells us there is plenty of water so no need for us to worry. Rivers drying up have nothing to do with drilling deep wells. In fact that could be a bonus. Just imagine with no rivers we’d have no pesticide runoff and no fish kills. Besides, it’s only a small majority of mean islanders who blame the potato farmers every time there is a fish kill.

So folks nothing for us to worry about, our premier has everything in hand. If our shallow wells dry up, the government will provide bottled water for a small fee, plus HST.

F. Ben Rodgers,

Hunter River

Organizations: Intel

Geographic location: Borden, Iceland, Hunter River

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