Paint, shingles somehow disappear

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Editor: Let me start by saying that this is the first time I have written to the editor. I usually just sit back and keep my opinion, sometimes a very strong one, within the comfort of our home. However, this time I could not keep my mouth shut.

Let me state that this does not apply to all low-income renters, but for many of them it is their own fault that they are "forced" into living in these conditions.

We, in the past, have rented to low-income renters, and let me say that in our experience, we have no desire to do so in the future. We have had our homes destroyed on more than one occasion, and this last time beyond repair to make it worthwhile renting again.

These same low-income tenants were given $500 worth of paint as they wanted to paint the place themselves. They turned around and sold the paint. We also had shingles delivered there and with great disbelief those shingles somehow disappeared. Hard to believe, I know.

In the paper, it stated that in one city rental, the tenants had to put a blanket over the window because it was busted. Give your head a shake. Who do you think probably busted it?

Again I will stress that it is not always the tenant's fault. But some things are inexcusable. I have certainly seen it firsthand and when I reported to the "professionals" about children living in these conditions, they all turned a blind eye to it. If I had reported an animal in those same conditions, they would have been there in a heartbeat.

We have 24 new units that we rent out to seniors and never have a problem. Why do you think that so many of the units going up now are advertising "Senior Friendly"? The simple answer is mainly because the ones renting them have been like myself, tired of fixing up other people's problems.

It is time people took some responsibility for their own lives. You tend to appreciate what you work for.

Betty Pound,

Hunter River

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