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Editor: The subject that I am concerned about is people who think that taxpayers should create jobs, so everybody can stay here on P.E.I. and never have to leave to work.

I have had the good fortune to have been born here and have lived here most of my life. When I was growing up it was quite common for families to have to say goodbye to loved ones as they left to go to the States or way up to Toronto to get a job.

Now many years have gone by and people are still leaving to get jobs all over the map. I have also had the good fortune of raising four daughters. Three have moved away to get jobs and I am very proud of them.

P.E.I. is unique in that it is an Island with very limited opportunities. Things have changed but not much, over that last 65 years I have lived here. The population has gone up and down the same rate for the past 60 years, people come, people go. The idea of government providing jobs with taxpayers’ money is wrong. Private businesses are the ones who provide jobs that are real and lasting. When government gets into the job market they usually fail miserably.

I think the government should stop giving false hope to Islanders about creating jobs and so on. So in closing it would be my wish that we could all live here on P.E.I. forever and not have to leave but we got to do, what we have to do ourselves.

There is a saying: if you want the sun you have to go where the sun shines.

J. Bruce MacIsaac,


Geographic location: P.E.I., Toronto, Charlottetown

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