Tourist traffic subsides but garbage, litter continues

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Editor: It’s early December. Tourist traffic has subsided, local traffic diminished to a trickle. Only one person lives year-round on my road. Therefore amazement grows at the amount of garbage newly deposited along the roadside. And all other roadsides I’ve observed.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe we pay taxes for household garbage, household compostables and household recyclables to be picked up directly from our homes. Why not avail ourselves of this already-paid-for service? Several varieties of beverage containers can be exchanged for the deposit fees. Or donated to and picked up by charitable organizations. Remaining containers can be picked up for recycling.

Explain to me the point of throwing these items out the car window.

We Islanders live on one of the most beautiful, peaceful, safe and clean islands in the world. People visit and relocate to live here from all over the world. We work out west to fund our homes here on P.E.I.

Friends who live in Nova Scotia, Texas, Mexico, Panama and Africa, for example, show pictures and tell stories of the garbage floating in their oceans and rivers. There aren’t as many folks picking it up as there are throwing it down. It’s become overwhelming in some areas. Will we be next?

The other thing boggling my brain are the neat piles of litter gathered from the shores and meadows by tourists and locals, then hopefully left for pick up in an obvious spot along the National Park roadside. These piles are regularly driven past and ignored by Parks Canada employees.

What’s up with that? Could at least one person’s tax dollars pay an employee to bag and remove the litter we’ve already gathered from within the park?

My home garbage bin is already full of the litter I picked up from the non-park roadside.

By the way, when I personally contacted the province of P.E.I. to request a garbage bin for a provincially owned beach area, I was told the province couldn’t pay someone to empty a bin. I offered to empty it myself. No go. The province wouldn’t donate a bin.

Locals try to clean that beach, but it’s overwhelming in the summer. If the province doesn’t care, it’s difficult for residents to continue caring.

Can I have some tax dollars back to purchase a bin and bags for my local beach?

It’s not likely the province will do it, but it’d be nice to have a sign displayed on each end of my home road: Please don’t litter in our back yard.

Sunny Gallant,

North Rustico

Organizations: Parks Canada

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Texas, Mexico Panama Africa

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