Pillaging of party demands action

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Kevin Lacey, Atlantic director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, is a frequent critic of severances paid to departing politicians.

The demands on P.E.I. Auditor-General Jane MacAdam keep piling up. The latest call to action comes from Kevin Lacey, the Atlantic director for the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, over revelations involving operating grants.

Details about these so-called ‘slush funds’ were printed over the last week or so in The Guardian. The fact the slush funds exist is disturbing enough, but details provided Saturday how Opposition office money was pillaged by several party officials certainly justify an investigation.

Mr. Lacey is concerned over two issues: Is there anything improper going on with the use of taxpayer money; and how to ensure that misuse of public money doesn’t re-occur?

The monthly operating grants to government backbenchers, Opposition and Third Party offices don’t fall under public scrutiny, nor are they available under access to information requests. The yearly budget line item of between $200,000 and $300,000 is camouflaged under the term ‘grants.’

A Guardian investigation revealed Opposition officials paid a former party chief of staff $18,463.50 months after he had been laid off in early 2013 — and after he had collected four months of severance pay. Both payments came from P.E.I. taxpayers.

The party’s former leader and a former MLA authorized the cheques without the knowledge of other caucus members or officials. It appears the payments were designed to bankrupt the party through vindictive measures.

The money might not have been illegally paid but it certainly was immoral and unethical. It hamstrung the party from providing effective opposition to the government and curbed its ability to question and challenge the government, or provide options to policies and decisions. The grants are there to help parties run their daily affairs, not fattening severance buyouts.

Caucus operating grants are not audited, but are only presented to the province’s legislative management committee annually. Forthwith, a full accounting of this money must take place.

Premier Wade MacLauchlan and the government must take action. They must call in the auditor general and have all parties open up their books to ensure spending is proper and taxpayers’ money is being protected. Changes should also be made to ensure all MLA spending is released to the public.

If these grants were scrutinized and transparent, we wouldn’t be faced with these unsavory examples of misuse of taxpayers’ money today. The number of investigative inquiries being placed on Ms. MacAdam’s agenda certainly doesn’t reflect well on the ethics or integrity of certain P.E.I. politicians or senior staff members.

The revelations Saturday might shed some light on why Mr. Perry — who switched to the Liberals later in 2013 — was suddenly dropped by the premier from cabinet two days earlier.

It’s not enough that Premier MacLauchlan promised to post additional expenses in the new year. The recent revelations are too serious. Public confidence must be restored.

MacKay ponders return

Is Peter MacKay about to mount a campaign to claim the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada? Ever since the party’s surprise defeat in the October election — followed that night by the resignation of leader Stephen Harper — there has been rampant speculation about the future of the former deputy prime minister. Like more than 20 other senior Conservative MPs, he decided to step away from politics — and Mr. Harper — early last year.

The party is preparing to call a leadership convention. It’s time the last leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada steps back to reclaim the mantle of leadership of the Conservative Party, formed by the merger with the Reform Party in 2003, and then hijacked by Mr. Harper.

Mr. MacKay is ideally suited to offer a progressive, right-wing alternative to the Liberals under Justin Trudeau. Perhaps he might shed some light on his future plans January 22 when he visits St. Peters for a provincial fundraiser. No one expects Mr. MacKay to officially declare his intentions, but there should be some hints offered as he assesses the future of the party, country and himself.


Organizations: Opposition and Third Party, Conservative Party, Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Reform Party

Geographic location: P.E.I., The Guardian, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Slanted Views
    January 13, 2016 - 15:52

    This Editorial staff's insunuation that "The party’s former leader and a former MLA authorized the cheques without the knowledge of other caucus members or officials. It appears the payments were designed to bankrupt the party through vindictive measures. The money might not have been illegally paid but it certainly was immoral and unethical" shows an ever grasping wish to create sensationalism where none exists. Quite simply, in order to entice this individual to take on his position, an agreement was negotiated that he would be paid until he could return to teaching in September. Very simple and not uncommon. This individual was taking a risk at taking a leave from his teaching position and wanted a contract that would not leave him stranded in the middle of a school year with no job if something should happen. We all would have expected the same thing. The only thing that derailed this process was when the former leader was sabatoged by her own party. Had the party acted as an honourable party and not worked actively against its leader, this never would have been an issue as the individual would have been able to keep working for the party through to the end of the agreement. The only thing immoral and unethical was the behavior of the Conservative backroomers when the sabatoged their own leader for their own personal protection (PNP), and nothing to do with the good of the party. So, the newspaper that is admittably pro-Liberal should gets its facts straight before it presents biased views. I will be surprised if this comment gets printed because it criticizes the Guardian editorial staff and does not criticize the past Tory leader.

    • Slanted
      January 13, 2016 - 17:59

      Slanted is right. Your pathetic butt kissing for the PC party and your little hero Olive shows the slant. Hypocrites always pop their head from under the rocks when these TRUE stories come to light.

  • Islander
    January 13, 2016 - 12:53

    The actions of this PEI Government are staggering to say the least. Crane and Perry should resign immediately, Islanders have seen their true coloring spelling they cannot be trusted. The Premier is already slippery decline by the way he pushes everything asside and wants everyone to get along. Thats BS, he knows it an we know it. This all falls on the Auditor General and lslanders are [raying the the truth to surface. There are still Ministers in this cabinet who were heavy involved in the egaming. scanhdal, egaming and slush funds fiacso. All of this has to be cleaned up, The Liberals and the Conservatives are cut from the same cloths of mismanaged money, loan hand outs and at the same time filling their own pockets. I would suggest Bevan Baker stay as far away from that bunch as he can. I don;t here Jamie FOX yelling yet, he must have been muzzled