For every season there is an excuse to pump up prices

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Gas prices

Unlike N.S., Premier Ghiz offers relief but only if Ottawa bears entire burden

We have to agree with Premier Robert Ghiz that cutting the province’s share of the HST from gasoline would be very costly to government coffers. But to simply sit back and let the marketplace continue to pump up prices without much discernable justification could be catastrophic to this province.

Islanders were mopping their bows with relief early Thursday when the scheduled price adjustments at month’s end from IRAC revealed a mere two cents per litre increase. There were widespread reports the increase was going to be much bigger — as high as 10 cpl — to dovetail with other recent double-digit increases across the country.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were already hit with major jumps last week and Islanders were bracing for the worst yesterday. Many saw themselves pulling up to the pumps Thursday and looking at $1.50 per litre in the window. As it is, the $1.42 number is very sobering.

The premier said, we presume tongue-in-cheek, that he likes the idea of reducing the amount of tax charged on gasoline in P.E.I., but the costs would have to borne entirely by Ottawa. How generous of him. Both governments greedily lap up taxes on gas. The excise tax is now 10 cpl for the feds and 13.1 cpl for the province. Add on the 14 per cent HST and you can readily see that a significant portion of the per litre cost can be laid at the steps of government.

And we are still a month or more away from the traditional heavy summer driving months when oil companies seize on that to pump up prices even further. The excuses for higher prices are endless - refinery shutdowns for maintenance, upgrades, a cold winter, a warm summer, an early fall, a lingering spring, unrest in the Ukraine, a bomb explosion in northern Nigeria or gout affecting a Saudi prince. The list goes on and on. And now our premier has chimed in.

Each increase at the pumps means additional HST and excise tax revenue. While government wrings its hands about gas prices, its tax coffers eagerly welcome the extra income. That unquenched thirst makes it appear neither level is very anxious about cooling the soaring trends on the costs of gas. It’s a very shortsighted viewpoint.

Does Premier Ghiz really believe that Ottawa will heed his plea for help? He’s really trying to pass blame or burden off onto the federal government while saying his hands are tied because of the province’s precarious financial situation. Ottawa is not going to jeopardize its budget plans for next year by covering P.E.I.’s HST losses on gasoline sales. A gift here would see other provinces demanding equal treatment.

It’s getting to the point where motorists are finding it cripplingly expensive to put gas in the family rig. Impacts are surely coming when Islanders can’t buy luxury items, shop in Charlottetown or make trips. And if we can’t take trips, what do you think our neighbours are thinking when making tourism plans this summer? Offering cheaper gasoline here is a powerful incentive for visitors to come across the Northumberland Strait.

We already have the highest prices for electricity. How long before someone realizes it’s just too expensive to live here anymore? Unemployment changes won’t force us out but energy costs just might.

In Nova Scotia, Premier Stephen McNeil plans to ask Ottawa to remove his province’s portion of the harmonized sales tax currently charged on top of the gasoline tax, explaining he wants to give consumers a break at the pumps. Premier McNeil at least is offering some hope for relief even though the cost is estimated at $25 million. Are you listening, Premier Ghiz?

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Recent comments

  • Angus
    May 06, 2014 - 09:45

    The Province wants the Feds to pay? Hey remember, the Island wants nothing to do with the Harper government and Liberal MPs have done everything they can to attack its policies, including co-operating with the Greens to frustrate measures which would help increast the East's access to cheaper oil. Made your bed, now sleep in it.

  • fred
    May 02, 2014 - 14:13

    This is getting ridiculous! I;ts funny Ghiz even knows the price of fuel . I;ve talked to a lot of people and just their gas bill alone peaks over four hundred dollars a month ; just to travel back and forth to work. Then add another four or five hundred a month for oil to heat their homes. I think the gov. could give a bit of a break / there is no need of charging almost $ 2.00 a litre tax on fuel. .If they can;t bring the price of fuel down / Then let people claim it on their income tax as an expense to stay employed.

    • huh
      May 04, 2014 - 15:24

      amazing how the tax can be 2.00 a litre when the entire price is 1.40.