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Recent comments

  • Peggy Coffin
    January 31, 2014 - 07:32

    Rural Observer lays bare the facts that the article fails to mention. There is no such thing as a free ride. We all depend on each other. Cooperation, not annexation or amalgamation, is what is needed. There are many empty areas in Montague, covered in tulips or Christmas decorations, in prime locations, why the push for more land?

  • ruralobserver
    January 29, 2014 - 15:14

    This editorial overlooks the fact that the outlying communities, such as Brudenell, pay a significant amount of Fire Dues to Montague annually, the Library is within the Wellness Centre which was built with funding from the Province, Rotary, Cavendish Farms and theTown of Montague. The Community of Brudenell contributes approx. one sixth of it's annual budget to the Wellness Centre so we are getting no free ride. Indeed many of the members of the Fire Dept. live outside of the Montague boundaries. It is also interesting to note that the Montague CAO does not live in Montague !

    • Also Add
      January 29, 2014 - 18:12

      Also add that these services they are talking about like stores - medical centre -are put there by the business owners who if you check mostly live outside Montague . The town is not paying to have them - they are receiving taxes from them . A little different than being put forward in this article . As far as expansion goes , fill up some of the empty buildings on main street wit other than goverment supported offices and two year grant businesses , otherwise called fly by night . Ask the question why these buildings are empty ???????

  • Squirrel
    January 29, 2014 - 10:06

    The above article says it on the nose. How many studies have we had on Regional Gov't, all of which recommend Regional Gov't, the last one was thew Thompson Report. No ACTION was taken . This situation is happening all over the Island - just look at the Morell, for example. Common sense says get it done NOW .