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  • Angus
    July 21, 2014 - 08:48

    BTW - don't be quoting Andrew Coyne. He's a supercilious twit, staring down his long nose at us plebians from the heights of his Toronto eliteism. Surely you don't think he in any way represents the average Canadian's opinion? Just another silver spooned trust fund baby.

  • Angus
    July 21, 2014 - 08:11

    Alan that's a pretty crazy column even for you. And I almost suspect you wrote it tongue in cheek. You know the courts will never move the Duffy trial along given the dockets most have and Harper would not dare go early as he has been criticized for ignoring the fixed election date in the past. And anybody who reads the national press knows full well that a number of legal experts have already stated why Duffy was charged and Wright not. You have to have criminal intent i.e. corruption to be charged. Finally Islanders are amongst the most astute of Canadians when it comes to politics. No one will ever convince them that the problems in the Senate (H of C as well, for that matter) lie only with the Conservatives. Liberals have controlled it longer and besides the Mac Harb and Raymond Lavigne cases, I suspect the auditor general's report will find many more from both parties guilty of multiple infractions if not worse. That's no doubt why the Liberals are so very quiet about all this and also why Mulcair can afford to make so much noise about it. The only answer is to abolish it. Failing that, then I think a national referendum including election as an option should be held. I feel this will strengthem Mr. Harper's hand in forcing the Premiers to fulfill the mandate he gave them to elect their own senators provincially. Then the people can decise.