Tory opposition calling for update on capital budget

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Guardian file photo of Opposition Leader Jamie Fox at a recent sitting of the public accounts coimmittee.

Jamie Fox says the federal budget has been tabled so now is the time for update

The provincial government needs to provide an immediate update to its capital budget on current infrastructure projects and priorities, says Opposition Leader Jamie Fox.

Fox says government wouldn't get into the details on infrastructure spending last fall, saying Islanders needed to wait until the federal budget came down.

"At the time, the premier said that the capital budget could change once Ottawa gave more details on its spending plans,'' Fox said in a news release. 

"With the federal budget now tabled, the province needs to update its capital budget to give Island communities a clearer picture on infrastructure projects and priorities.''

The federal budget has earmarked approximately $16 million over the next five years for new infrastructure spending on P.E.I. on top of existing infrastructure programs. With the current age of public infrastructure for roads, bridges, water and sewer, and housing, Fox says the Opposition feels that it's important for the province to have a clear, detailed, focused plan to address current and future needs.

The Opposition Conservatives suggested an infrastructure summit last fall to bring people around the table, identify key priorities and have a jump on getting projects moving when Ottawa brought in its budget.

Rustico-Emerald MLA Brad Trivers, Opposition critic on communities, land and environment, says the clock is now ticking,

"The clock is ticking on this year's construction season and Island communities are still looking for answers from the province so this needs to be an immediate priority," said Trivers.

Geographic location: Ottawa, Iceland

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Recent comments

  • laurent Beaulieu
    March 28, 2016 - 16:49

    Looks like again conservatives are good at yapping but unable to provide any intelligent constructive suggestions on the Federal Budget. Tired of these Reform-Conservatives who can never do anything right. Luckily the Libs will do the right thing by PEI.

  • Chester H Llewellyn
    March 28, 2016 - 09:49

    Hon Jamie........I personallly support you and that is how I vote.....the person first and the party second!!! maybe..........we need a change in how government is governing..the look on your face says volumes.....and I must concur with the 3 presenters on here thus for, I am not afraid to use my name...I believe you have the best to chaninging how the " Old guard Of the PC's do business, it won't be stir it up......" Focus on the problem, behaviour, issues and not the person"........believe me it have to take these guys on......Honesty, Accountability, Transparency .....means HAT....wear and see the difference.......the rest who do not see " blow smoke " and that evaporates.........if we didn.t have redlikeme or some times the CBC and Guardian will decide " should we take the chance "........Your leadership is needed on PEI as Dr more needs to be said.;)

  • don
    March 27, 2016 - 15:05

    Jamie it is simple the island liberals plans are to help the rich screw the poor. that is the plan and you know it.

  • James
    March 27, 2016 - 13:40

    That concerned look Jamie is just a climpse of what your in for. This Government will do as they please, keep filling us with mistruths, rip the taxpeyares off, fill their pockets, look after their friends and going around smiling in photo opps like they are doing a wonderful job. Just watch the HST come in at 15% for one example. PEI is in big financial debt, time for public demonstations to wake this bunch up. PC Opposition better do a better job this time around. Bevan Baker is the only one showing transparency, honesty and intigrity. Good for him, this is not going unnoticed. What how the Premier handles Minister Currie over his last messed deal in Health concerning the autistic child.

    • Buddy
      March 28, 2016 - 10:14

      Bevan-baker seems to close to the Premier to be effective. He never made his position known on the one page propose budget on e-gaming.Two others made their views known. IMO , he hasn't shown me that he is decent in looking after the interests of Islanders.He is to soft.

  • Islander
    March 27, 2016 - 12:20

    You have alot more than this on your plate Mr Fox. The most recent mess in health where incompentent Minister Currie and his Deputy allowed an innocent man to be charged with sexual assault. No Currie in Eduacation the very department he failed in for yrs. Some heads have to roll. Than you have the slush funds. Crane Averyy contract and more. Infrastructure will take of itself, its all this corruption that has to be addressed before we all go off in another direction. Its your job as opposition to take these issues to light and clean up the mess. You and Bevan Baker had better be sharp this session. What this Government is doing is shameful. What the lawyers are doing is shameful. Only victims here are Islanders who are hard working people being used by the Premier and his cronnies for their personal gain