Summerside councillor wants clear rules for city facility fees

Colin MacLean
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Coun. Gordie Whitlock wants a look at rental fees, discounts, in-kind donations for meeting facilities, rinks

SUMMERSIDE – Summerside Coun. Gordie Whitlock would like the city to take a second look at its policy regarding who gets free or reduced rates to use city facilities.

Whitlock put forward a resolution at Tuesday night's regular council meeting to that effect, directing the request to the city's governance, policy and strategy committee.

Whitlock's resolution asks the committee to "evaluate current rental fee structures, discounts and in-kind donations, associated with city meeting facilities and ice rinks."

"I just want us to have a clear policy so that everybody gets treated fairly, so that one group doesn't get the (Veteren's) Convention Centre for nothing and another group comes in and pays for it. Or, with the Wilmot rec centre and the St. Eleanors rec centre, there's rental fees there, some groups pay, but some groups, because of who they are, special needs or things like that, (don't necessarily pay)," said Whitlock.

He added that there is already a policy regarding the fees to rent city-owned spaces, but that council can, at its discretion, waive those fees.

It would be fairer for everyone if there was a set of hard and fast rules, that council could not contravene, regarding what groups qualified for the waiving of fees, concluded Whitlock.

The motion was passed unanimously, minus one councillor who was not present.


Organizations: Convention Centre

Geographic location: Summerside

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Recent comments

  • James
    February 17, 2016 - 15:38

    Is Councillor Whitlock the only one with any guts to be speaking out? There has been management issues at CUP for years. Nobody to date has told us why Bobby Dunn was released as Director but alot of us do know why. He was doing the job he was qualified to do contrary to what some Councillors thought, so they dismissed him by email What a farse. Great work Gordie, You have other departments in turmoil as well. Just look across the street at Police Services, what a mess. The morale is lowest its ever been, alot of officers leaving. If you dont believe me go talk to them personally. Sad

  • Summerside Resident
    February 17, 2016 - 11:57

    This CUP and Police Services are both mismanaged. One just has to look at the overall budget to see there is something seriously wrong with these figures. Old boys club silent on these issues. Low morale and overtime is costing us the taxpayer millions. One has to ask why?

  • Summerside Residdent
    February 16, 2016 - 22:58

    If this practice has been going on for some paying and others not( Quote: because of who they are, than we can blame past Councils and this present Council who seems to very uninformed about alot of past mismanagement practices that got us here in the first place. I am hpoing this is not a fishing trip with intensions of raising rates to clean up the present mess of over $2,5 million a year to operate CUP. Stay away from the walking track and all events for seniors. Give your fat raises back for starters. None of you are worth two raises within two years. Come down out of the clouds and start managing our tax dollars prudently. All your big decision did for looking after yoursleves first just made people think, what foolish idea will they come up with next. You all have lost whatever respect you had. Just think of all the door to door BS change during the election, fiscial restraint, less electrical, transparency, accountability etc...You all sure made a good job of these promises. Next election will fix the lot of you people, so enjoy your raises while rubbing it our faces. You all should have a dinner meeting with the Mayor of Kensngton, he will show you how its done. Or would that be to embarrassing for you type.. I hope every Union goes to arbritration with a argument of 22%. Fair is Fair....You people allowed this rediculous thing happen and not to many citizens ,if any at all are praising any of you.