Alleged drunk driver arrested in Montague liquor store parking lot

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A Lower Montague woman who was allegedly refused service after she drove to a liquor store drunk is facing impaired driving charges.

Kings District RCMP reported that on Feb. 4 at 9:25 a.m. they received a report of a drunk woman at the Montague liquor store.

An RCMP officer found the 62-year-old woman sitting in a vehicle in the store’s parking lot after she was refused service.

The woman allegedly showed signs of impairment and failed to give sufficient breathalyzer samples at the Montague detachment.

She will face charges of having care and control of a vehicle while impaired and failing to provide a breath sample.

Her vehicle was towed from the parking lot and impounded.

The woman is scheduled to appear in provincial court in Georgetown on March 31.

Organizations: RCMP

Geographic location: Lower Montague, Georgetown

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Recent comments

  • Reader
    February 06, 2016 - 07:58

    @Dan: Your comment showed who the real "Fool" is if you thinking drinking is not a illness.The driving part is the choice & a bad one!!!!

  • Windsloe
    February 05, 2016 - 20:43

    When will people get the message that d&d is WRONG!!!

    • This Person
      February 06, 2016 - 11:59

      Driving under the influence aka DUI means under the influence of a drug; alcohol is a drug so is THC in marijuana. Anything that messes with your central nervous system and judgment is illegal when driving and just common sense.

    February 05, 2016 - 19:19

    Can't fix stupid....Quiet a statement in dealing with a very serious problem. If you follow the news PEI has Impaired Drivers ranging from teens to people in their eighties. We have the strictest penalities than most Provinces. This is hard to believe. I would not want to venture on how many Impaired Drivers we are missing as 99% of every social function today has liquor servered. The amount of people doing pot and other drugs, plus presription meds and combining them is staggering to say the least. If you follow the stats repeat offenders are high as well recently alot of female drivers are being caught. The fact this lady was not served and the Police were called was the proper thing to do. Problem is not everyone will call the Police in a similar situation. These clubs are notorious for letting people leave drunk or Impaired ,as all they see if the almighty dollar in trying to run a business. Calling people stupid is wrong, this does little for helping someone with a drinking problem. Alot of well to do people unfortunetly make mistakes and get stopped Impaired, not drunk, but over the limit. I make no execuses, they broke the law and will pay the price, byt they are far from being stupid people. Maybe you a just that one guy who has never made a mistake and never will.

  • Two Sides To A Coin
    February 05, 2016 - 18:14

    Penalties will deter some! Lets not lose sight of the FACT that some of these people have an illness for which they need MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL HELP!

    • Dan
      February 05, 2016 - 18:47

      Ilness????????? Hahaha. Drinking is a choice fool. Not an illness. Quit making excuses.

    • Two Sides To A Coin
      February 06, 2016 - 07:08

      Dan I welcome the challenge of intellectual debate but you do not appear to comprehend my first post. Fact: Alcoholism is a DISEASE. Fact: in my first post I stated that Penalties would work for some ( Need this explained?)

  • Mike Mouse
    February 05, 2016 - 17:30

    You can't fix stupid. Congradulations to the person who reported this accident before it happened, and the police for their work.

  • Rediculous
    February 05, 2016 - 16:25

    Nothing will change on pei until stiffer, harsher sentences get imposed. The judges that hand out those sentences need to get serious about stopping this preventable crime. The police, general public, and lawyers all know that if you get Nancy Orr your getting the book, which is how it should be. If you get Douglas, you get off with a slap and litter pickup on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Dug
    February 05, 2016 - 16:12

    Please charge her $1000 to get her car back or preferably CRUSH IT !!