P.E.I. singer Meaghan Blanchard's lament about winter a hit on YouTube

Maureen Coulter
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Meaghan Blanchard

It was the first night of heavy frost that inspired Meaghan Blanchard to write a lament about the coming winter months.

Blanchard was getting ready to head over to visit her mother one evening when she discovered a large plot of ice on her windshield.

As she started scraping away, the screeching sound brought back the memory of last year’s record-breaking winter.

She said into the night “I’m not ready to scrape ice” and immediately thought of the Dixie Chicks song “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

When she returned home that evening, she couldn’t stop thinking about it so she wrote the lyrics in two minutes and recorded it with her coat and scarf still on.

“I just put it on the Internet for friends and family and I guess more than friends and family took to it.”

As of Monday, Dec. 7, more than 188,000 people viewed the parody song “I’m Not Ready to Scrape Ice” on YouTube.

Blanchard said if she would have known, she would have done things a little differently— like tune her guitar.

“I literally just came in from my car and pulled the guitar off the wall... It’s very out of tune.”

The song is about all the things that go along with harsh winters, which resonated with not just Canadians but people from the United States and the United Kingdom.

“I think Canadians, we just feel like we are the only people that get snow but it turns out that’s not true,” laughs Blanchard.

The Dixie Chicks themselves did a shout out to Blanchard on social media about the song, which has turned more people to Blanchard’s work.

Since posting the song, her views on her personal videos have gone up substantially as have her Twitter followers.

Blanchard said she’s been overwhelmed with the positive comments on YouTube and emails that have been coming her way.

“The Internet is an amazing connector for people,” said Blanchard. “Something like this happening is important in getting recognition even though it was kind of a tongue and cheek thing, it’s really meant a lot to have more ears on my songwriting.”

Blanchard feels the lyrics connected with so many people because most are feeling the same way about the coming winter months.

“It struck a vein with people who are a little anxious about the winter coming on. The winters are tough, they are tough wherever you are from.”



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Recent comments

  • Vinnie Barbarino
    December 08, 2015 - 19:13

    To all of you still scraping ice from your windshield, stop, and do this .....buy a spray bottle, and a gallon /3.89l jug of white vinegar, about 3 bucks, fill spray bottle w/ the vinegar, when you get home from work, school or whatever , spray all glass and mirror exterior surfaces evenly , wake up the next morning and laugh at your neighbours scraping their car windows, while you back out of your driveway ice free. Your welcome, and if you feel so inclined to compensate me for my sage advice, you can pop a cheque or Canadian postal money order in any amount , and make it out to Travis Short 313-16 Midlake Blvd., S.E., Calgary Alberta,Canada T2X 2X7 Ps vinegar has a much lower freezing point then water, sort of like anti freeze, I can't remember the last time I scraped a car window in winter. Cool song though. God Bless You All and have a Merry Christmas :0)

  • The Truth...
    December 08, 2015 - 08:31

    Why is this gaining so much traction? She took someone else's song and threw some just fair lyrics about winter on it. Wonder how much Music PEI is pushing this one?