Charlottetown man with long record sentenced again

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Prince Edward Island provincial court

A 42-year-old Charlottetown area man was sentenced Tuesday in provincial court to serve four months in the provincial correctional centre for driving while suspended.

The sentence was imposed in the case of Cory Dean Wilt.

Wilt was observed operating a motor vehicle by a police officer who knew he was a suspended driver.

Wilt has a lengthy criminal record.

He also has a lengthy provincial record with at least 10 prior convictions under the Highway Traffic Act. Wilt owes the province more than $15,000 for unpaid fines.

Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr observed that Wilt’s involvement in criminal activity has continued almost uninterrupted since the 1990s.

She prohibited him from driving for three years.

Wilt must pay a $200 victims of crime surcharge.

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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Recent comments

  • justice
    August 07, 2014 - 13:05

    the jail time is the only thing that will hit home with this guy... he owes over $15,000 in fines, so they are meaningless to him. Back years ago, they used to have to serve time in default if they didn't pay their fines...

  • Time to deal with him
    August 07, 2014 - 13:05

    Mr WILT is long past his prime ,long past all the chances he has had, fleeing police,driving with no insurance,a criminal record that reflects his immaturity and disrespect for the law......4 months for him in SHCC is a joke....time for 5-6 years in the pen.He will be out in 2.5 months and the cycle will start again............PEI has to many of these frequent flyers,they know and abuse the system....this is 2014.......not the 60's.Unfortunately someone will have to die and a family suffer the agony of the loss of a loved one before misfits like this are dealt with.

    • don
      August 08, 2014 - 05:42

      i agree with PEI has to many frequent flyers hard labour while in jail could help. and years not months. but maybe ghiz can give out air miles to repeat drunks, but the next time this useless drunk will murder someone then what?

  • Just a thought
    August 07, 2014 - 09:59

    This is a frustrating piece of news to read. I know people who made mistakes in their youth (10 plus years ago) and drove while they had their beginners. They were pulled over and lost their beginners and fined. Okay, fair enough. These youth had no means to pay the fines and their parents didn't. I am not making excuses - trust me! BUT this person continued to drive when they were younger and racked up fines of almost $10,000. This person has never been caught for impaired or dangerous driving. However, if they want to legally drive a vehicle they must pay $10,000 + before they can get their beginners. So while they try to save enough to get their licence they still need to be able to travel to work. Which in turn eventually results in more fines on top of the ones they are trying to save up to pay. We do not have public transit in the countryside areas of PEI and this person is NOT surviving on tax payers dollars. They are a responsible, mature adult just wanting to go back in time and erase that stupid mistake they made all those years ago!!! Why is it so hard for them to escape the vicious cycle? I realize they did the crime therefore they must do the time so to speak.... but why not help a citizen of PEI instead of setting them up for more failure? I do not know this 42 year old individual, but I have to wonder if their situation is similar? Just a thought.

    • You don't....
      August 07, 2014 - 12:06

      You don't fix stupid mistakes by making more stupid mistakes. If you can't afford the fines then don't commit the crime. Period. If this person was actually a "responsible, mature adult" he wouldn't be in jail right now.

    • @ just a thought
      August 07, 2014 - 13:09

      the average fine is between $50-$100. To rack up over $15,000 in fines means this guy committed around150-300 violations... and that's only the ones were he was caught and convicted! Quite frankly, I'm glad he doesn't get licensed. Clearly, he's proven that he can't handle the responsibility! Jail might do him some good... keep him off our streets.