Doctors discuss cyber wellness, alcohol addictions, reproductive care at annual meeting

Maureen Coulter
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The Medical Society of P.E.I. 159th annual meeting was held at Stanley Bridge Country Inn on Saturday to discuss three resolutions including cyber wellness, alcohol addictions and reproductive care.

Dr. David Bannon, president of the society, said the emergence of the Internet and the Internet culture creates certain problems society hasn’t had to deal with before and cyber bullying is one of them.

“That is a very challenging issue that needs attention,” Bannon said.

Chris Simpson, president of the Canadian Medical Association, said the traditional way people used to be bullied, in the schoolyard with words and at times physical violence, has given way to the digital environment of cyber bullying.

“It’s a bit more insidious because you can’t necessarily see that it is happening.”

Simpson said its their intent to develop a pilot project to view and deal with it differently.

As part of the resolution, the medical society has partnered with Parry Aftab, an expert in the area of cyber wellness.

The second resolution discussed was alcohol addictions on P.E.I. which Simpson said is a disease that crosses all social spectrums.

“The key is to develop programs that can help people recognize and treat these addictions in a non-judgmental way instead of casting people to the outside to recover from a difficult problem.”

The third resolution discussed was reproductive care and Dr. Jerry O’Hanley, co-chair of the health care and promotion committee of the medical society, said he feels the program was much more dynamic in days gone by.

“It seems to be somewhat under resourced. We need to try to get to a place where we were before,” he said.

Bannon said, in regards to fertility treatments, nothing in specific was discussed, but it is all a part of the package.

‘That is one thing that I truly appreciated about the effort that our members who brought forward that motion did is they were very inclusive and they sketched out a need that ran the whole continuum from preconception to after delivery and postpartum.”


Organizations: Medical Society, Stanley Bridge Country Inn, Canadian Medical Association

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Recent comments

  • kudos to the deserving ones
    June 30, 2014 - 08:21

    Sometimes and in my opinion, some Island doctors appear to think they are the big brother of everything . Please get with real hard core issues and you may alleviate other issues which may result from same. Get more political and preachy about recruitment of good doctors, cancer rates soaring, pts having to go off the Island for treatments at their own expense, etc Be an advocate for your patients. Dare to step up when needed. Honestly ,sometimes some doctors here sound preachy and are blaming patients for everything. Blame the patient may come more easy than trying to sort things out in an honest partnership with the patient . Many other places do this all the time with their patients...up front honest rapport, no talking down or talking to, an involvement of the patient without silly labelling and prejudices. Real advocates for and with the patient. Working with the patient effectively. Well done to the good and caring doctors and smart informed ones, .........which there are some, but to the rest..........please try harder.

  • Bob MacDonald
    June 29, 2014 - 11:55

    interesting that they didn't discuss prescription pill addiction which they are largely responsible for.

    • Disgusted
      June 30, 2014 - 06:23

      Or abortion. This shows the cowardice of island doctors, which just continues this island's hatred of women .

  • Ghoulman
    June 28, 2014 - 23:04

    Hey, wonderful. Good for them. Anyone discussing the problem of since Ottawa dumped Health Care Administration and funding onto the provinces, and the predictable panic on on PEI (*Ahem*) just where do we go from here?