Noisy trucks keeping Charlottetown residents awake

Dave Stewart
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Gravel truck

Coun. Danny Redmond says he's hearing from residents concerned about gravel trucks running red lights and being a general nuisance in the middle of the night.

The councillor says he plans on speaking to the Charlottetown Police Services and with provincial transportation officials about the issue.

One resident called The Guardian but wasn't comfortable about commenting on the record, saying he had relayed his concerns to Redmond, who represents his area.

The resident lives near the intersection of Southgate Drive and Riverside Drive, near the entrance to Hillsborough Park subdivision.

Redmond said the complaints he's hearing are that the trucks are loading and unloading at the city's port in the middle of the night, running red lights at the Southgate intersection and using their jake breaks.

There is a berm that shields residents off Riverside Drive but it only does so much to limit the highway noise, Redmond said.

"These jake breaks are quite loud and they're trucking material at two or three in the morning. It is definitely a concern.''

Redmond said he also remains concerns that some trucks are still taking shortcuts down Kensington Road when they're not supposed to. The city does have specified truck traffic routes although it doesn't apply to service trucks.

"It's something the city needs to get a better handle on,'' Redmond said. "It's something I have to work through the police department to see what they can do or can't do.''

Redmond said he understands police don't have the resources to monitor the area around the clock but he thinks there could be better co-ordination and communication between the city, its police force and the Department of Transportation.


Organizations: Charlottetown Police Services, Department of Transportation

Geographic location: Riverside Drive, Charlottetown, Southgate Drive Hillsborough Park Kensington Road

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Recent comments

  • Allan
    June 01, 2014 - 21:12

    Man by the looks of this professional truck drivers are a thing of the past. Good luck cowboys and cowgirls.

  • Driver
    June 01, 2014 - 19:24

    If Danny wants to address this problem, he should meet with the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Vessey and both of them should sit down and talk with various truckers and residents and see what changes can be made to improve the bypass for everyone. There are several safety issuse for both trucks and cars

  • Trucker
    June 01, 2014 - 11:05

    People who move close to a highway and complain about noise are the same type of people who move to the country and complain about the manure on the fields! One word idiots

    • Idiot
      June 02, 2014 - 05:28

      I believe the issue here is with truckers breaking the law, not "idiots" moving close to a highway and complaining about noise. Red lights don't turn into 4 way stops at night. Idiot.

  • kent
    May 31, 2014 - 19:49

    there are certainly lots of drivers abusing the jake brake rule but make the bypass a actual bypass and this would take care of a lot of that problem. gravel boats and barges are not in all the time but when they are the contractors pay huge port fees to have them here. we are pretty limited on our island as we have no aggregate available as a natural resource. back to the port. it has been a place of import and export for 100s of years. we live on a island, afterall! now back to those port renal fees. if that boat or barge is there longer then it is sheduled for the rental is huge. I suppose the residents of charlottetown are willing to pick up the tab for that boat to be tied up?

  • Allan king
    May 31, 2014 - 16:34

    Simple no trucking of goods after midnight. If a truck is just going through thats fine or making one or two stops thats fine as well. It is the gravel boat hauls that seem to be the worse. As far as jake brakes go there are signs already up for times when they are not allowed. If the driver is not following the law fine him and the trucking company. A few fines against the company and jake brakes will be disconnected!

  • don
    May 31, 2014 - 14:21

    i think ch'town should change it's name to the WHINING city. every time you bitch about the trucks think they are hauling food for your home, gas, booze, drugs, rock for your streets, etc. plus while you are sleeping they are working to supply theses items. plus in the winter they are helping move the snow from your streets. just think if all trucks from say 3 tons and up stopped running. then you would have o take your car o the mainland and get every thing you need every day.. the whining city of PEI.

  • reality
    May 31, 2014 - 13:34

    these new breed of truck drivers ,unlike the older pros, have an attitude which is very noticeable on the roads - i used to respect all truck drivers because they deserved it by their professional driving practices --now they even TAILGATE !!!!

  • Tulpa
    May 31, 2014 - 11:12

    I think the City needs to wake up to some of these quality of life issues and decide whether Charlottetown is going to be a pleasant place to live or a giant work site/parking lot/party zone. To live in any City is to expect some noise and inconvenience, but we should make sure that noise and inconvenience is really necessary and not the lazy result of refusing to care or not looking for solutions co-cooperatively. This issue is just one example.

  • jondel
    May 31, 2014 - 11:07

    I don't have a huge problem with trucks. At least they serve a useful function. Loud bikes on the other hand are rapidly becoming a huge problem in this province. The joy and tranquility of living in rural PEI has been destroyed by these infernal machines and their selfish riders.

  • jamie
    May 31, 2014 - 10:56

    Bill the speed limits 70 once you pass the hospital. If you go to any other province they have Amber warning lights before each set of lights...or a long Amber at the intersection. Do we think we are above the law? it ok for a car to keep speeding every time you try to pass them? Is it ok to race up to the rotaries on the bypass. To just get ahead of the truck when there's signs posted?after 14 years on the road. Nearly everyday I have at least one car do something completely stupid. Even with children in the car. I can't defend all of us. There's an "eh hole" in every group. Last but not least the Charlottetown. Bypass are big trucks brakes biggest fears. I could run thru the Rocky mountains and burn less off.

  • Big Joe
    May 31, 2014 - 10:31

    There are way too many big trucks on Summerside and Charlottetown streets. I realize delivery trucks have to make deliveries, but in most jurisdictions those deliveries are restricted to urban outlets during non-busy hours. And for all the truckers on here who are complaining because people are fed up with some of your antics, maybe you should find another job since you can't take any constructive criticism. And finally for all the truckers in the crowd, "Big Joe's the name, I told him mine, said the name of my rig is Phantom 309"...hahaha!

  • Simple solution
    May 31, 2014 - 10:12

    Bring back the trains...

  • Bill MacKenzie
    May 31, 2014 - 10:05

    First of all these are not trucks hauling food to Sobeys and the Superstore so the argument about the chaos that would ensue if they stopped running does not apply. These are dump trucks hauling gravel and rock from the wharf in Charlottetown to wherever they are taking it. There are people posting here who are supporting the drivers and that is fair enough, but some of the drivers are on streets where large trucks are banned and they do drive over the speed limit and that is one of the reason they can't stop at the lights in time. If they were driving the speed limit on the bypass (I could be wrong but isn't it 60 kph?) they would have time to stop at lights and stop signs. Also, I think trucks are supposed to cover their loads, but very few do and the gravel and other stuff that falls off is lining the bypass. The drivers and their supporters claim they are just doing their jobs and people should cut them some slack when they make a lot of noise in the middle of the night. A contractor would not be allowed to build a house with all the noise that makes if it is 3 a.m. so why should truckers be allowed to break the law and disturb people at 3 a.m.?

  • Preston
    May 31, 2014 - 09:11

    Maybe all these people who like to complain about trucks should come and adjust some brakes for us. Sometimes lights turn to quick and you have a split second to decide try to stop or go Thanks for letting me know where you live there mister annonamous, I will definatly use my jake going by yor house.

    • Bob Morehead
      May 31, 2014 - 17:08

      Preston, maybe if you driving the speed limit you would not have that problem. Your attitude is typical of a lot of truckers. Some guy complains about you speeding and using the engine brake and all you can say is that you will make a point of using the brake when you pass his house.

    • Dave
      May 31, 2014 - 18:36

      Bad enough when passenger vehicles are running red lights. Big rigs running red lights means death awaits someone, and not you, only the people you hit. Deciding to stop or go means you don't want to be bothered stopping. I wonder if you'll have the same attitude after you've killed someone?

  • Megan
    May 31, 2014 - 09:06

    As someone who come from a long line of truck drivers , I feel this is pretty stupid. Really people? Complaining about the men and women that are just doing their jobs? You wouldn't have jack shit if it wasn't for these drivers. Sorry they don't run a 9-5 job. As for running red lights? Do you think 100000 lb truck can stop on a dime ? Seriously get over yourselves. The jake breaks? First off there not that bad ,I live on St Peters Road. And they are a safety mechanism. So lay off and suck it up. You chose to move near the highway. These people work when their dispatchers say go even if that means taking a load at 3 am of the barge. So back off.

    • Allan
      June 01, 2014 - 05:58

      Lay off? I was a truck driver for 15 years and hauled off many gravel boats. I do not remember needing my jake brake at 3 am to stop! You know why? I used my head when driving and respected the fact that people were sleeping. Yes we need truckers but when they are done of that all night haul most get a chance to go to sleep or they better by law after that many hours. On the other hand the 9-5 folks who were up half the night get to go to work tired. Not very fair!

    • Emily MacDonald
      June 01, 2014 - 07:35

      Being a new driver, I've noticed so many new things. Going through the bypass I'm going usually 60km, and when I'm loaded at 49500 and a light changes there are two options; either you have time for a safe stop or you don't. Locking up on the brakes an hoping for the best is not an option, so if youwould like to say that I'm running a red light go ahead but I have yours and my safety in mine. As for jake brakes they are a tool, a safety feature, yes they are loud but they get the truck slowed down. If you expect peace and tranquility at night I suggest moving to the country. There is no 9-5 about this career at all. There is only a dead line that needs to be done! Anytime you order something online and it's late do you not complain ? This is why these trucks are out in the middle of the night, to get the job done on time! If you want to complain about us drivers maybe you should take a drive with us and see it from our point of view, were trying to make a living the same as the rest we just have a different timeline.

  • jamie
    May 31, 2014 - 09:02

    Any concerned citizen that blows everything out of proportion is more than welcome to email me...I'll gladly take ya on a ride along just so you have an idea. We have no respect for the general public while they sleep? Truckers do live in the city limits too, I can't speak for the guys using there Jake at 3am in a suburban area... Jake's save our brakes for when we need them the most! For example when a car pulls in front of a truck just before a set of lights turn red on the bypass... it's not our fault the genius engineer forgot his thinking cap at home. As for "enough alreadys" comment about the police targeting just us...this is the reason I'm buying a dash cam this week. You people have to see what we see and how we have to act when your doing everything you can to get in front of a big truck then slam your brakes on with your two kids in the back seat. I've been driving for 14 years accident free. Yeah I use my Jake on the bypass just for the fact of having solid brakes when I need them the most. We are not animals, we have wives and children to. Go educate yourself.... and then come back to comment... problems/questiks email me

    • Allan King
      June 01, 2014 - 06:08

      Funny I drove for over 15 years and can not remember needing to use a jake at 3 am. Respect is what is needed at 3 am not a cowboy attitude. Learn how to drive the truck!

  • Ann
    May 31, 2014 - 08:12

    It is not only at night these trucks and others speed through that light, it is only a matter of time until a tragedy happens. The other entrance to the park off St Peters Rd is so bad, so dangerous, many people take Riverside Dr as a SAFER exit, How crazy is that ? It is sad that someone, maybe a couple will have to die before BOTH those exits are dealt with.

  • enough already
    May 31, 2014 - 08:10

    Very easy fix . When the trucks are active like they have to be have the police in the areas . There are no shortage of police officers in Chtown. Why wouldn't the person speak on record ? He he afraid of the gravel truck mafia?

  • Dill Igence
    May 31, 2014 - 07:10

    While they're at it, please do something about the over-spill on the roads. It's a death trap for motorcyclists, a windshield hazard and a cost to all taxpayers to clean it up. A bit of due diligence would go a long way . . .

  • SS
    May 31, 2014 - 06:37

    Pretty easy solution on main routes during non peak hours have flashing yellow lights for the most used route and flashing reds for the slower route. No Jake brake required. All lights in the city should be that way after 10 or 11pm it saves money on gas as well not having to stop and wait for a light with no one at it.

  • Boo hoo
    May 31, 2014 - 06:32

    To many people got nothing better to do then complain , you don't like the noise why did you move so close to the highway? Or you better think on where you got all you belongings , everything you own probley come by truck, suck it up and get over it , as far as the engine brake goes they are a extra braking system that helps a lot in slowing a truck , go whine about buddy cutting grass down the street or the young fella with his fast and furious rase car either way you try doing the job of trucking you seem to know so much about

  • billy P
    May 31, 2014 - 06:16

    Must be election yr is it Danny!

  • Local Driver
    May 31, 2014 - 06:16

    Noisy trucks.....definitely. There are many truck drivers out there who have no respect for people trying to sleep or even have a peaceful day. Many of them use their jake brakes when they don't need to. This happens on the bypass all-too-often. Heading east under the Oak Drive overpass and approaching St. Peter's Road and using their jake brakes. No need to. They should be slowing down, going uphill and there's no need for jake brakes. They should take a refresher course with a qualified instructor. In many cases though, it likely won't change some drivers stupid habits.

    • Doesn't matter
      May 31, 2014 - 09:06

      I bet the people in four wheelers would be complaining a lot more if the materials or products on these trucks stopped hauling, people traffic lights are ment to give a 1500 lb vehicle time to stop not a 50 ton tractor trailer, were not running red lights, we spend all day in these truck, thus we know them like a third hand we know when they can stop and we know when we till be leaving black marks all the way through the intersection.... I find it funny how the general population thinks we should get a lesson on how to "do our job" when in fact the general population needs more education on how to drive around these vehicles, most people use the road to get to and from work, the road is our job... As for jake break there there for a reason, as much as people in four wheelers might think there a toy there a huge tool in slowing down a 50 ton rig... And as for complaining about noise, when you were looking at living near the bypass would noise not have been a factor.. That's about as redundant as moving beside train tracks and complaining because it's loud... Next time you want to whine remember the tissues you use to whipe your tears were on one of these trucks your whining about

  • homies
    May 31, 2014 - 04:46

    Ya, me an my homies like to put on 25 tons, late at night and cruise.

  • Dem Dare Tings
    May 30, 2014 - 23:20

    Ban trucks!

    • Morgan
      May 31, 2014 - 09:13

      Quite Frankly whoever is reporting on this is an idiot . I agree when people say everything you own probably came from truck. Sorry that truckers have to work at all hours of the night in order to provide for your bitching asses, you do understand the faster that boats unloaded the faster those truckers get to go home and sleep and be with their families for a short period right? . I wonder how much you'd like it if the trucks stopped all together ... I'd say not much, no booze , no groceries , no fries or fast food , definitely no Tim Hortons as their trucks are later in the evening too. Sorry not all of them have desk jobs . That's where the highway is and it isn't their fault you live by it . You try slowing down a full loaded truck for a yellow light that flashes for maybe two seconds without warning . If you don't have the trucks running then you'll just bitch about them causing traffic later on .

    • gary
      May 31, 2014 - 21:52

      I am resident living on patterson dr, I have a small berm which does absolutly nothing to help with the noise. I would like to see a roundabout at the bottom set of lights at kensington road,at least the traffic could flow better,won't be long before someone is killed there AGAIN and then you could get onto kensington road. The trucks are very loud either way and the bikes are awful. if the police could sit there for a couple hrs there would be a pile of tickets issued.