Derry Bird sentenced to five plus years for armed robbery

Jim Day
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Scales of justice

Derry Ian Bird’s current stay in jail has just been extended by several years.

P.E.I. Supreme Court Justice Gordon Campbell sentenced Bird, 22, of Charlottetown Friday to five and a half years for armed robbery in connection with the robbing and beating of a convicted drug dealer.


The time will be served consecutively with the three and a half-year sentence Bird is already serving for several unrelated charges including drug trafficking.

Bird was also sentenced Friday to sentences of one year and two years respectively for wearing a mask and committing assault in the 2012 robbery of Dean Fairhurst in Emyvale. Both sentences are to be served concurrently with his five and a half-year sentence for armed robbery.

The Crown was seeking a six-year sentence while Bird’s defence lawyer argued for a sentence in the range of two to three years.

Before sentencing Bird, Campbell highlighted differences between Bird and Chase Roper, who was sentenced in June to four years in prison for his role in the same robbery.

Campbell noted that Roper pleaded guilty, while Bird did not. Also, Roper did not have a prior conviction, while Bird has several.

Campbell says the robbery was planned and deliberate, adding people expect to be safe and secure in their homes.

“This is a serious crime and it deserves a serious punishment,’’ he said.

Defence lawyer Brendan Hubley pleaded with the court not to give up on Bird, noting the man is still “very youthful’’, remains a good candidate for rehabilitation and has a very supportive family.

“This isn’t a hardened criminal who has been doing this for years and years and years,’’ said Hubley.

Given the opportunity to speak before learning his sentence, Bird told the court that he wanted to say that his family never lied for him and that he will use his time to further his education and better himself.

Both of Bird’s parents took the stand during his trial, as did Bird.

In delivering a guilty verdict last month, Campbell said he concluded that none of the trio’s testimony was credible.

The judge went on to say he believed the testimony of Fairhurst, who told the court two men broke into his home, held a gun to his head, beat him, tied him up and stole his drugs.

Bird is appealing the guilty verdict.

Geographic location: Charlottetown, Emyvale

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Recent comments

  • Hank Smith
    March 31, 2014 - 03:06

    I have known the Bird family for the better part of twenty five years. To read these comments about them using the tax payers money, which I know they have paid their fair share, most likely more than all the commentators combined, committing perjury, I am sure if the judge thought that they did they would have been charged.and even making fun of their sons name, Derry a place in Northern Ireland where his mother was born and raised. First off, it seems to me that many of you could have benefited from the upbringing that Derry had with a mother and father who loved and nurtured him. You single him out but in reality half the island s youth are addicted to drugs. Michael and Angela Bird are not known to anyone who has ever been part of their life, the various non for profit organizations they dedicated themselves to, or the hundreds of islanders they have contracted with over the years by virtue of their businesses as liars or cheats.. Derry Bird is a young man that was raised with good values, he made mistakes, have any of you or are you all lily white? He has a very bright future ahead of him. Unlike the others who could nt wait to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save their own skin. Young people that his parents took in to their home and let them live with them for no personal gain. He admitted his wrong doing, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 54 months for his role in selling drugs. He has a right to post any picture he wants on FB. He has been clean for almost two years as he choose to be in a drug free unit and is tested regularly, but that is of no consequence to the haters because you all know better. Altogether with this latest conviction he has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, hopefully that is enough to satisfy your thirst for the blood of a 22 year old. Funny for all your social concerns, I never saw any of your comments regarding the 29 year old John Rodney Mac Callum who was in possession of almost fourteen thousand images and video s of sexually explicit child porn for which he got 60 days.. It was said that Derry could not get a fair trail in PEI for the alleged robbery of a multi- convicted, 38 year old serial drug dealer in 2012.. With comments like your s It s easy to see why. As far as Jason Yeo goes, he and Dean Fairhurst started doing business together when Derry was nine years old. Since you are all obviously clairvoyant I ll let you fill in the blanks. It is a well known fact that defendants who don t tell on or give up others are the ones most likely to get blamed. Statistics prove they are the ones who serve the most time as a result. .In closing, as my friend used to say "tall tree s catch the most wind". Mr Bird junior is a man of substance, no one should plead guilty to a crime they did nt commit. No matter what some members of the public think. Perhaps someday you will be on the side of injustice and will have opportunity to know to feel the sting. Full support for the Bird family!

  • Mia
    March 30, 2014 - 19:01

    All of you people running your mouth about something that you know nothing about, need to learn your place. The only things that you "know" about this case is what you've heard through the media. Takes a big person to run their mouths on a website, hiding behind a fake name! I hope that none of you have to go through something like this and have ignorant people attacking you and your family! The Bird's are a wonderful family and are hurting enough. There is no need for your harsh, uneducated comments. Worry about your own life!

  • Proud Parents
    March 30, 2014 - 00:17

    This a prime example of poor parenting. When you spoil your child. Lie for them. Protect them when they do stuff they need to be held accountable for. Purger yourself for everyone too see. The Bird family should pick up this bill for the courts not us tax payers. Menace to society he is. Face book selfie posing in jail. Be proud Bird parents. Jason Yeo should get 12 yrs. these kids are making a mockery of the court system.

  • PEI
    March 29, 2014 - 12:25

    Definitely not a harsh enough sentence. He should have gotten a lot more time. A complete mockery of the justice system, no wonder criminals don't care if they get busted.

  • mt
    March 29, 2014 - 10:50

    remains a good candidate for rehabilitation and has a very supportive family. Yah they are willing to perjure themselves for him. Any charges coming for them ?

  • Bird In a Cage
    March 29, 2014 - 10:14

    It's pretty obvious that Derry hasn't taken any of this seriously. That said, they should have "thrown the book at him". The fact that he's appealing this and in his closing comments again lied stating his parents did not lie for him seems to speak clearly that he is not taking accountability for anything he has done or the people he has impacted. Creep him in FB yet? Great shot of him in the clink continuing to juice. Hashtag heissoproudofroids

  • same story
    March 29, 2014 - 07:42

    All the expense of a bull crap trial and no more sentence? What a waste of money. Yeo must be having a good laugh.

  • .
    March 28, 2014 - 23:06

    With time served he will be out in a year an a half with the 2/3 federal time slap on the wrist

  • Decent Sentence
    March 28, 2014 - 17:23

    I think this was a good sentence. Sends a message. The only part I didn't like was that it is to be served concurrently with his current sentence which only actually adds 2 1/2 years. Should be treated as 2 Seperate offences which it was and be served consecutively. I also laughed when his lawyer said "he isn't a hardened criminal", well he already has an extensive record including trafficking and is serving federal time. Also laughed, that he said his parents never lied for him. Oh, ok, so you were at home the night of the incident. Lol

    • justin
      March 29, 2014 - 03:11

      DECENT SENTENCE- you need to read more carefully and do your math. 5 years are 'consecutive' to sentence on 3.5 years. then 1 year and 2 years 'concurrently. 8.5 total with 1 &2 concurrent'