House party proves problematic for police

Eric McCarthy
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ALBERTON -- A West Prince RCMP officer asked Alberton Town Council Monday night to encourage area businesses to put up signs prohibiting parking outside of business hours.

Cst. Dwayne Pardy said the signage would give police the authority to ask drivers to move their vehicles and cut down on disturbances.

Pardy made the suggestion after providing a description of a house party that occurred at a Main Street residence in late July. Some of the people attending the party had parked their vehicles at the fire hall and in the Home Hardware parking lot. He described the party as a “fiasco,” one that kept five RCMP officers occupied for five hours.

During the party, while police were conducting a checkpoint in front of the home, he observed parents dropping their teenagers off at the party when he said things were already out of control.

Pardy said the scene was volatile for a while and all four of the police cruisers got pelted with beer bottles. Police subsequently charged some people with littering because of their actions.

With assistance from the fire department, police were able to get some vehicles moved from the fire hall, but then they started parking at Home Hardware. Staff from the store, Pardy said, had to bring out hoses the next morning to wash away vomit and broken glass.

Besides the littering charges, police charged one person with impaired driving. There were also charges laid for underage drinking and illegal possession of liquor.

Pardy said an individual who kept driving past the officers on an all-terrain vehicle was subsequently identified. Tickets carrying fines close to $2,000 were issued against the operator the following day.

Police committee chair David Campbell agreed with Pardy that more teeth in the town’s bylaws concerning disturbances and after hours parking could help the police carry out their duties.

Pardy added having more people prepared to give statements and testify in court would be beneficial, too. “You’ve made a great step in coming forward and calling us,” Pardy instructed. “Take the next step and let’s get a statement. Because, if anybody wants to give me a statement, if anybody knows me, I would have absolutely no issue with proceeding with the charge.”

Campbell, who lives in the area where the party occurred, said he would not wish to see a repeat of the activity.



Organizations: Alberton Town Council, RCMP

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Recent comments

  • John
    August 14, 2013 - 19:18

    Pherhaps if RCMP had minded their own business,they wouldnt have had beer bottles thrown at their car.Isnt it legal to have a house party?Sounds better than teens driving drunk.The police over rescted again!To much anti drug propaganda fed to us every day by tv ,and movies.Look at the movies they used to make about marihauna.Goebbels had nothing on these people.Much worse than Nazis...

  • don
    August 14, 2013 - 16:49

    i say if they park their vehicles at the fire hall mainly in front of the fire doors very simple the trucks are big enough plow thru the cars and ticket the owners. these so called want to be adults God help us when you grow up and start wearing adult pants i hope you learn but at this rate you will never grow up babies

  • Hick-up
    August 14, 2013 - 13:37

    A "fiasco" of a party in West Prince...unheard of!

  • Seen it before
    August 14, 2013 - 10:57

    This sort of activity is more common than you think not only here but across Canada,fueled by alcohol and drugs..and can be dangerous for all involved.Let's hope Town counsel ,the parents and citizens of the town support the police in this matter.

    August 14, 2013 - 10:26

    To all you people that droped off your children at this farce, you would be the first to phone the police if this happened in your neighborhood. As for charges of littering,that is garbage, Charges should have been laid for damage to public property ( POLICE CARS HIT WITH BEER BOTTLES), causing a disturbance, unruly behavior, PEI attitide pnce again which is IF IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME IT DOESN'T MATTER.