UPDATE: Winter storm watch issued for P.E.I.

Wayne Thibodeau
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Weather Watch

A winter storm watch has been issued for all of Prince Edward Island as a storm, some have said is historic in its size and strength, gets set to hit the Island.

Strong winds, snow and blowing snow will begin overnight Friday night and intensify on Saturday.

Its’ cause is a low-pressure system that will intensify as it passes near Cape Hatteras on Friday before tracking south of Nova Scotia Saturday night.

This system will give snow at times heavy, strong northeast winds and blowing snow to Prince Edward Island beginning overnight Friday night.

These conditions will persist Saturday and into Sunday morning.

“While it is too early to give an accurate estimate of snowfall potential, some guidance is indicating that amounts of 20 to 30 centimetres are possible by Sunday morning,” a statement from Environment Canada says.

Strong northeast and north winds over the Gulf of St. Lawrence may also give higher than normal water levels overnight Saturday night and into Sunday, and will push pack ice into north to northeast facing shorelines.

For the next 24 hours, Islanders will be dealing with extreme cold.

Northwest winds 30 gusting to 50 kilometres tonight will drop the temperature to minus 21, with cold wind chills near minus 30.

Friday’s forecast calls for sunny skies.

It will become cloudy overnight then snow will begin. Winds will become east 20 kilometres near midnight then northeast 40 gusting to 60 before morning.

Temperature will rise to minus 10 by Saturday morning but cold wind chills near minus 25 will persist.



…The Guardian will have more on this storm as it continues to move closer to Prince Edward Island in print, on its e-edition and online at www.theguardian.pe.ca






Geographic location: Northeastern P.E.I.

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Recent comments

  • don
    February 07, 2013 - 23:38

    GERARD. if they do not have an emergency kit then they are stupid. it does not cost all that much to make one. every week they get food at the store get an extra can of food,get a few bottles of water they are on sale a lot at a good price etc then after a few months they have a kit.

  • Gerard
    February 07, 2013 - 19:20

    Campbell... Do you have X-Ray Vision?? Please do share with the rest of us, exactly how it is that you know if people have an emergency kit or not!!

  • Donnie
    February 07, 2013 - 18:02

    Let's just have the teachers admit they have one the highest paying, and with tenure - slackest jobs on the planet, and that they close schools over the least bit of snow so they can get another paid day off. Much like their "PD" days, and other lame excuses they use for non-teaching days that could be scheduled for the summer, or any of the other "breaks" during the school year, such as Christmas, Easter, and/or Spring breaks.

    • CrazyTalk
      February 07, 2013 - 19:53

      Ok Mr. I'm not a teacher - but I dare you to step into a classroom and teach your kids. Teaching is the most thankless job on earth. I sure as heck don't have the guts or the skill to inspire the most disillusioned generation in history! Bless them all for trying to prepare the next generation!

    • scottpei
      February 07, 2013 - 20:29

      @donnie - teachers don't make the decision to close schools - I have put 3 sons through school on PEI and I know that 90% plus of our teachers are hard working, dedicated professionals and work harder than most other professions. You would not be able to do half of what they do. And of course they have to put up with some ignorant parents who think they know more - such as you.

    • Fail
      February 07, 2013 - 22:10

      Donnie. You speak like someone who failed at school and most likely life and now you blame teachers.

    February 07, 2013 - 17:25

    OMG ... people with far to much time on their hands, get over it already.

  • intobed
    February 07, 2013 - 16:55

    "... as a storm, some have said is historic in its size and strength, gets set to hit the Island." Oh please, it is 20 to 30 centimeters, with strong winds. We have seen far worse storms than this is forecast to be.

  • statler
    February 07, 2013 - 16:32

    cAMPBELL you should have been a driving instructor, i too have been driving for almost 40 years, BUT i still can't tell if another driver or their automobile has winter tires or a emergency kit while meeting them on the highway By the way police tell drivers to slow down in these weather conditions so to me it would seem its drivers like you,who like to drive at higher speed who are the problem drivers what do you think???

  • Love the Guardian Comments
    February 07, 2013 - 15:59

    I'm sorry, but this story is about a storm on the weekend-not a school day.

    • Pathetic
      February 07, 2013 - 22:39

      I expected to see comments like "superstore is already sold out of canned beans." and "don't forget to have shovels and salt ready for sunday morning." Instead we have people talking about issues with the school systems, driving capabilities of Islanders and calling down our teachers. PEI continues to amaze me everyday.

  • clam
    February 07, 2013 - 15:46

    Campbell u state u are a professional driver,just wondering how u came about it.I.I've been driving for over 40yrs and don't consider myself a professional driver.Would like to sign up for this can u tell me where to go for this

    • huh
      February 07, 2013 - 16:01

      JVI is one option. A professional driver is one who does it for a living.

    • Charlottetown City Lunatic Force
      February 07, 2013 - 16:58

      Not much we can do about anything.

  • Observer
    February 07, 2013 - 13:48

    If school were cancelled this morning, without question, parents would have complained that teachers were just looking for another day off, the school board went ahead with school today and parents complained. If they had not closed Souris and family of schools at noon today, parents would have complained., the school board chose to close Souris and family of schools at noon and parents complained. ...the reality is, no matter what the school board decides, PARENTS WILL COMPLAIN !!

  • here we go
    February 07, 2013 - 12:54

    That familiar old song , school's close people complain , school's don't close ... people complain.Almost sounds like the Island's made up of a bunch complainers.

  • Eastern Islander
    February 07, 2013 - 11:50

    @Matt Thomas, Most bus drivers (especially those outside the city) live and have other jobs a number of km's away from the school - and in nasty conditions they have to get back to the school. It also may become less nasty before they put the busses on the roads (which actually did happen in Souris).

  • Arden Gardiner
    February 07, 2013 - 10:16

    I use to be one of these people that thought the school board would close the schools far too prematurely when it comes to winter weather conditions. But as I grew older, and maybe a little wiser, and had a child of my own I realize its better to err on the side of caution. And it sounds like a blusstery day down there. Things have changed a lot over the years. I grew up in Northern Ontario. If they would have cancelled school every time we had a winter storm I'd still be in grade 4.

    • Janet Gaudet
      February 07, 2013 - 10:51

      Arden, I can tell you this, schools should have been cancelled today. I don't understand why they opened. Weather is really bad today in P.E.I., and at times our sensor unit is registering minus 35 for wind chill.

    • Campbell
      February 07, 2013 - 14:04

      It all depends on the ability of drivers and their comfort level for driving in these conditions. I drove Route 2 this morning from Souris to Charlottetown and then back to Montague and up to Souris via Route 1, Route 3 and Route 4. There were a few spots with poor visibility on Route 2 and Route 4. That's normal and today was far far far better than many similar drives I have done on these roads since the 1970s. School was never canceled much back then. But for some reason it is these days. I'm a professional driver and I am used to the conditions but I saw many drivers this morning driving too slowly and impeding traffic, forcing some more aggressive drivers to make dangerous & stupid passing moves. I also saw many drivers today who are not driving with vehicles fit for winter use - not keeping the windows and roof clear, no snow tires, no emergency kit, etc. One thing I do notice has changed a lot over the years is the number of people who are now commuting from Souris and Morell into Charlottetown (60-80 km drive each way) for work. There is a lot more traffic on that road in the last 20 years than there used to be.

  • Matt thomas
    February 07, 2013 - 10:11

    So why close at NOON --- when the decided to close close then and send the kids home ... don't wait til it gets bad...