RCMP to lay charges against Mike Duffy, says lawyer

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Mike Duffy

OTTAWA - The RCMP has decided to file charges against Mike Duffy, according to a statement issued by the suspended senator's lawyer late Wednesday.

Donald Bayne did not specify what the charges will be, but insisted that his client did not commit a crime.

''We are confident that when the full story is told, as it will be, and shown to be supported by many forms of evidence, it will be clear that Sen. Duffy is innocent of any criminal wrong-doing,'' said Bayne.

The Senate voted last fall to suspend the former Conservative senator from Prince Edward Island as part of an ongoing controversy over disputed living expenses.


The RCMP has been investigating the housing claims and a $90,000 payment made to Duffy by Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper's former chief of staff, so Duffy could pay back the disputed claims.

The RCMP said in April that no charges would be laid against Wright, who resigned as Harper's right-hand man after it was disclosed he gave Duffy a $90,000 cheque.

Bayne said the evidence will show Duffy ''did not want to participate in Nigel Wright's and the PMO's repayment scenario,'' which he contends was ''concocted for purely political purposes.''

Bayne also said Duffy ''intends to defend fully and fairly and to show that the truth and innocence are on his side.''


The lawyer said Duffy is ''thankful that the awful 16 months of waiting'' is over and that the former senator has ``never had a fair hearing'' in the Senate or in the media.

The Globe and Mail reported late Wednesday that the RCMP was expected to announce the charges against Duffy on Thursday.

Duffy, along with fellow former Conservatives Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin, was suspended from the Senate last November over expense claims.

Liberal Mac Harb resigned from the Senate in August after paying back $231,000 for ineligible housing and travel expenses.

Harb and Brazeau face criminal charges of fraud and breach of trust, while Wallin has not been charged.

Organizations: RCMP, Globe and Mail

Geographic location: OTTAWA, Prince Edward Island

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Recent comments

  • Robby McRobb
    Robby McRobb
    July 17, 2014 - 12:04

    The Conservatives behind this diabolical Witch hunt. Besmirching a man's reputation and honourable name, sickens me. Until the day that the RCMP as the hunters for the Government check each and every claim made by, an MP, a staffer, a Senator, a staffer and everyone else in Ottawa that uses the claims process. I have been a proud Conservative for many years and was a member of the best PMO in a century. Under Brian Mulroney. I Pray that Mike is cleared of all of these offensive and irrelevant charges. Good Luck Mike Have Faith Stay Positive. My Membership in the Conservative party of Canada is Null and Void. A.Robby McRobb

  • Stephen
    July 17, 2014 - 09:08

    Everyone's missing the point here, Don't all you narrow minded hypocrits realize someone has to approve each and every expense he hands in

  • voter
    July 17, 2014 - 08:34

    nothing will happen--the power and the dirt will be with duffy - the story will involve too many rich influential egos who will surpress enough to protect themselves and duffy will not be harmed - he will probably get a promotion a few years down the road !!Or he will sue like mulroney and other scammers did

  • townie22
    July 17, 2014 - 08:05

    if you have some kind of info of criminal activity by union officials and other politicians Marie, by all means bring it to the RCMP so criminal charges can be laid, if not......... i think after a 16 month investigation the RCMP would be pretty confident they have a good case or charges wouldn't be filed.. what WILL be interesting to see, is if Mr. Duffy was holding back info that may prove the PMO was involved, that may come out in court.

    • Grow Up
      July 17, 2014 - 09:11

      Are you really contending that she is wrong in making the assumption that people in positions of power within government, whether elected or not, have actively abused said power? Seriously? Don't be a hack. Forget about red, blue, green, orange and the other blue and just open your eyes. Please for your own good and everyone else's, don't be a hack.

      July 17, 2014 - 16:21

      Grow Up, look in the mirror. To suggest that everyone in senior government whether elected or not is a crook, is childish. We have thousands of hard working and committed civil servants and yes, politicians in this country who are honest and would never consider doing what Duffy is alleged to have done. To lump them all together is outrageous.

  • Dick
    July 17, 2014 - 07:04

    He should get house arrest to be served in PEI !

  • Marie
    July 17, 2014 - 06:14

    Hard to believe, out of thousands overspending freely on the taxpayer's back, that these four are the only ones hung out to dry. Come on Duff...when you clear this mess...get back to the investigative reporting that you were so good at. Don't agree with what you did, but also sure there are many, many more on every government/union level who should be in this story as well. Shame on you all for abusing your positions of trust.....no shame; no pride!

    • Lisa
      July 17, 2014 - 06:54

      I think he is going to have a lot more to do than investigative reporting when this all comes to a head. You know not everyone is a crook when it comes to filling out their expense reports. He should have known better being such a good "Investigative Reporter". You fill these things out right or you are going to get caught! Oh that is right.... Arrogant...

    • in my opinion
      July 17, 2014 - 08:56

      Why is there reference to Union? I'm not sure where that's coming from??? I would not want my name drug thru the mud for 16 months. Due process takes way too long. I do not agree with Mr. Duffy representing PEI as he is now a resident of Ontario. But when you take special treatment generally there are things expected in return. Live by the sword. ....