While Trudeau takes time off with baby, Tories heed pollster warning

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks to reporters in the foyer of the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

OTTAWA — Look for the federal Conservatives to sharpen their attacks this week against new father Justin Trudeau.

Even though the Liberal leader won’t be in the House of Commons — his wife gave birth last week to a baby boy — the Tories are certain to focus more attention on him after receiving some worrying polling data.

Longtime party pollster Andre Turcotte has warned the Tories that the Liberals are surging in popular opinion at their expense, and it’s a trend that has been building for nearly two years.

By the way, the name the Trudeaus gave their newborn — Hadrian — is all the rage in political circles.

The Liberal leader hasn’t said why they chose the name, but Hadrian was the name of a Roman emperor who reigned from 117 to 138 A.D.

And while he was commonly considered a good economic steward, Emperor Hadrian is reviled among the Jewish community.

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Recent comments

  • Honey moons end sometime
    March 03, 2014 - 20:08

    Mulcair can sit back and wait because there is lots of time for Trudeau to get his feet all caught up in the ropes while he is stuffing his foot in his mouth. To bad he is so like his Mom eh? Harper has got to go Mulcair can run up the middle

  • changes in next century?
    March 03, 2014 - 19:20

    Being married and having kids is big in politics. Not too many single leaders out there. They can be just as efficient, maybe more so.

  • peter
    March 03, 2014 - 17:06

    At the risk of being called a party hack, I venture this thought. Harper is not afraid of Trudeau, he is afraid of the stupidity of the number of people thinking this silver spoon boy is anything but a charlatan riding on the coat tales of the Old Man..

  • Scott
    March 03, 2014 - 16:53

    Yes Garth they do, And thank you for finally seeing that Harper is not a man by any stretch of the imagination. He's just sad excuse for a washed up , tired wanna be leader who turned into a semi dictator, who is blindly followed by those with no means to think for themselves. This country will be miles ahead the day his butt his turfed.

    • Millyania
      March 04, 2014 - 12:45

      Bravo! Well said!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Gimby
    March 03, 2014 - 15:21

    Gee Garth, if Trudeau is all that you say he is why is Harper so afraid of him and his Liberals to the extent of upping his attack ad machine? If Trudeau is such a lightweight why doesn't Harper just let him fizzle out like other recent Liberal leaders have done? Yet Harper is expending more energy attacking Trudeau then Thomas Mulcare.

    • Millyania
      March 04, 2014 - 12:57

      Harper needs to be very afraid. As no matter what

  • Garth Staples
    March 03, 2014 - 15:05

    Canadians know a lightweight when they see one, especially a boy in man's clothing.

    • Observer from the East
      March 03, 2014 - 15:25

      And they know a Tory party hack when they see one too. Try not to be AS blatant next time Garth my friend

    • townie22
      March 03, 2014 - 19:44

      yeah, that's why he's leading in the polls, and still rising.