Will E-readers make print books obsolete? - Zach Geldert

Sydney Huizing
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E-readers will never replace a regular novel. There is too much sentimental value and tradition attached to the tried and true paper books. The feeling alone is enough to convince many people, myself included, to stick with paper books. Moreover staring at a screen for hours at a time can be very strenuous on one's eyes. Some might argue that E-readers are more environmentally friendly however many of the novels are mostly made out of entirely recycled paper or have their paper supply come from a sustainable forest. E-readers on the other hand require plastics and chemicals to be manufactured and are not biodegradable. Lastly, paper novels help the authors to grow and become more successful than E-readers do. This is because it is much harder to steal the authors work. Downloading books off of the Internet for free is quite easy and requires little effort. Therefore if you wish to continue to read your favourite author's novels buying paper back is the way to go. Paper novels will never be ousted. There's too much tradition surrounding paper books. E-readers may be new, innovative and a great idea in theory, but paper books will live on forever.

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