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Young People in Training UK...

Military Families, K-9s and REMEMBRANCE


Reasons to Remember....

The Cold War and a Memory of Last year

Red Friday Thoughts

Cadets and the 4Bs

Red Friday Show your PRIDE

K-I-S-S principle day

Monday Meanderings and photos from the world

Red Friday News from ...

BREACH of personal Information ! ! !

Red Friday, " PTSD" , Sadness of a SIlver Star Mother

Canadian Army / Bangladesh Terrorists

What happens when a war correspondent goes home?? ?


Wooden Boats and wooden heads at Dominion Command

Red Friday and RV16 PDF

LAST PARADE RCASC Veterans in Borden

LAST PARADE RCASC Veterans in Borden

RV 16 and Legion Problems

Sadness in our Legions

RCASC RV-16 fast approaching

one less Jihadi to worry about

UN Peacekeepers Remembrance Aug 09

Red Friday >> Have we forgotten .?

The WORLD according to isis/daesh

August Monday M O A N

PTSD, Korean Veterans Anniversary

PTSD, Korean Veterans Anniversary

Wednesday Thoughts.

Wednesday Thoughts.

Annie the K-9..VS.. Timmies

Trump and Pinnochio ? ? ? ?

Testing Cyberspace>>>

Red Friday at home and Horror in Nice

Moody Wednesday

Yet again a Cold War Looms

Red Friday we will Remember our Troops

isil cowards wreak havoc in Saudi

Is this the Future for Canada ? ? ?

Battle of the Somme 100 years ago

He who Dares Wins...

Coming soon . . ... . CANADA DAY

Trudeau C-6 and terrorists...,

An open letter to: Hon Kent Hehr, PC, MP.

isis and our Peacekeepers

RED FRIDAY notes....

Monday Morning Meanderings.

Red Friday Veterans & Legion Issues

O U T R A G E O U S >>>>> in CANADA

O U T R A G E O U S >>>>> in CANADA

D DAY a Memory

A Disgraceful way to TREAT an Elderly Veteran

Bus Travel and isis/daesh

isis/daesh atrocities continue !

Trump and Allies???

Trump and Allies???


Trudeau & Notley

Thoughts on a Monday

Thoughts on a Monday

Monday Mandering rant.

Red Friday Ft McMurray Prayers

isis documents LEAKED

isis documents LEAKED

RCN Vet attends Halifax Ceremony. L Weldon 90 years

RCN Vet attends Halifax Ceremony. L Weldon 90 years

Our Defence spending should be controlled, by the MND

Kapyong Hill April 21/25, 1951

Vindication at LAST........


Red Friday and some comments for our PM

Red Friday and some comments for our PM

RIP Captain GW MacKay, ............ Plus News.

RIP Captain GW MacKay, Plus News.

$ $ $ Plus and minus in the WAR on terror

The WAR of words and definitions are ongoing!

Peacekeeping in the SInai........isis threats

War...Lahore...PM Plays word Games

Red Friday,Good Friday

Red Friday Announcement

SKY news interview, Canadian Female Fighter in Syria

Terror over Ides of March wekend.

Cadets of Today.....Canada's Tomorrow

22,000 Jihadis Personal Files in UK

Humour in Politics?

Proud to be a Veteran

Red Friday and an attack on a Seniors Centre

Golan Heights .......

Red Friday and the NEWS

Short Headline....Major Story

Red Friday

D D D some things never change ......

Red Friday Valentines weekend

Red Friday Valentines weekend

Camaraderie of Veteran's

Red Friday & a note to the PM

Canada and Peacekeeping ? ? ?

Red Friday and a Holy Day in Islam

As the WORLD turns, or now Iran is a friend?

Momday Meanderings

Red Friday Honours Military Wives

Red Friday Honours Military Wives

Thin end of the wedge.

Monday Musings for our Prime Minister

Capt Jerry Yellin US Army Air Corps WW2

RCASC Veterans Saddened,

“MOOSEMILK” Memories

“MOOSEMILK” Memories

Farewell 2015 Hello 2016

Christmas Day 2015

4 Sleeps till Christmas

Russia / Turkish war of NERVES

Vive Le France.........Red Friday


Monday Morning Musing,.

Red Friday

70 Years LATE?????

Worldy thoughts this last day of November 2015

True Canadians BC Sikh Community

Learn something every day.....

2 is 2, too many

Paris,,,,Lebanon,,,,Mali where next????

A Polish Idea !! may work

Not the Canadian Way ! ! !

Vive Le France

Red Friday

11/11/11/ 2015

Remembrance day Wednesday

Red Friday 6 Nov.........Lest we Forget.

Human Shields atrocities continue

Remembrance Week..... .......isil


Monday Morning Musing.

Red Friday....Blood Red....>>>>.

Historic election hmmmmmmm???

Historic election hmmmmmmm???

VOTE Today across our Nation

Red Friday and Flags of Remembrance

Sharia law..... vs........ Canadian law

Nurse Edith Cavell 100 Years since Execution

Canada's Atomic Soldiers 1957

Mid Week Meanderings.

Red Friday

Red Friday

Mid Week Meanderings.

How low will they go.....taliban that is.

Red Friday Ramblings

Mulcair SUPPORTS Niquab

Raheel Raza, Proud Canadian

Raheel Raza, Proud Canadian

Red Friday...Progress for Capt Trevor Greene

Hungary right or wrong...Refugee Crisis

isis latest threat....the Plaque

Memories and Meanderings

Red Friday 9/11/2015

Congratulations, Félicitations Queen Elizabeth ll

Migrant / Refugee

Suffer the Little Children to Come unto me.

Monday Monday

Red Friday

One more for the Good Guys ! ! !

Mid Week Meanderings

Kim il Jong a Demented Dictator

Don't BITE the Hand that Feeds You ! !

Sunday Morning Coming Down

"VJ" day and isis rabble....

August 9 Memories

Dambusters, Bisley & memories of WW2

A news story to watch carefully

Wednesday Thoughts

Global Refugee Crisis

Sad news from Louisiana

Red Friday Coming Up

Mid Week Meanderings.

Monday Meanderings and headlines from the world

Monday Meanderings and headlines from the world

Ban the VEIL ........ Chad has.

Red Friday and Flags

Mid Week Meanderings

Monday Musings

2 views on isis

Absolutely Disgraceful

A STEP in the right Direction

B R E A K I N G News Grenoble France

Two Words I never thought I would see together

Justin Trudeau a Politician after his Dad.

Canadian Police Training ....Afghan Police defeat taliban at Parliamentary Attack

Red Friday and a new threat from isis

RCMP Damndo and Damned when they don't

Islamaphobia is dangerous and Wrong...

HISTORIC document 800th Anniversay

isis and terror tactics

Conscription History

The Cold War and a Memory of Last year

Memories and Reminiscing

Monday Morning Moan !! !

Red Friday >> Have we forgotten .?

isis take note, Canadian Woman now in Charge

Red Friday and Omar Khadr Ruling

Jihadism is the scourge of the earth.

VE Day 70....Red Friday

VE Day 70....Red Friday

Monday Morning Musing

Ready Aye Ready

Monday Thoughts on Khadr (Bail)

Battle Anniversaries and memories

Some Interesting Tid Bits from Bill Hendrickson

Some Interesting Tid Bits from Bill Hendrickson

70th Anniversary of VE day coming up

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

isis scum list of rules

We Must Coexist

Easter and the Children of WAR

Monday Morning RANT Terrorism

Good News Day


Red Friday Thoughts ! ! !

Monday Ramblings...... again

Red Friday Ramblings

Niqab...what's in a word?

Parole Hearing for khadr ? ?

Sad news for a Military Family.

Red Friday Show your Support

i s i s ? ? ?

Sunday Papers


Well Done L/Cpl Leakey

Toronto...Tunnel discovered

Obama denounces isis cowards

Canada's Heroes recognition

isis.... VS.... Christianity

Lower than a snake ! ! !

Red Friday >> Have we forgotten?

Teens in our world

Congratulations Saskatchewan High School

isis and radicalisation of jiha

Boris Johnson, launches attack on Jihadis

Trudeau/Mulcair try and learn from History

Home grown Jihadi GUILTY in UK Court

isis low lifes threaten Japan

What a Dreadful Week. For mankind.

Farewell Fantino worst MVA in Canadian History

isis low lifes and Medieval torture

A New Year 2015

A New Year 2015

HMCS Toronto Fire ! !

RIP Marcel Benny LeMarbre

RIP Marcel Benny LeMarbre

Artic Rangers and Christmas Greetings from the Airborne Association

Congratulations to British Soldiers

Young Soldiers?

A Call for Jihadi lone Cowards

Second Rate Service for FIRST rate soldiers

Second Rate Service for FIRST rate Soldiers


RIP Craftsman Sinclair

isis low lifes and Canadian Heroes

isis low lifes and Canadian Heroes

Middle East and isis News

Armistice Day 2014 in the UK

Canadian Government Pay Attention

Red Friday Thoughts of Remembrance

WW2 ...battle of Scheldt Remembered

Red Friday....Red Rally Nov 07 PEI

Funeral service WO Patrice Vincent

khadr in the news again

A period of Reflection

Cpl Nathan Cirillo RIP

RIP WO Patrice Vincent

ISIS animals and a SEA of Poppies

The LONG Drawdown

A sad Sate of Affairs

A Bravo Zulu to our RCMP

A Run in with a Homegrown Jihadi

" PLACATE " remove Fantino....ASAP

Mulcair and Trudeau "THINK before you ask???"

VAC well paid with lots of O/T

Animals of ISIS

An e mail and a great Link

Mental health of our Soldiers

Monday and I am angry with the animals of ISIS

Shades of the "Cold War"

Monday Musings on a Sunny Day.

Monday Musings on a Sunny Day.

A Relic from the past.

A Relic from the past.

Red Friday Continues?

The Hounds of Hell are Baying ! ! !

What is happening to our World?

A Challenge to my fellow Veterans.

Joint Investigation .....about time.

Sickening Threats against FREE Citizens

Barbarians at the Gate

Monday Musings on a Sunny Day

JIhadists and a Rant

The Middle East ? & PTSD Statistics

Nato Veterans Report July 2014

A Question for NATO ? ?

Aug 1914 Canada goes to War.

Veterans ! ! Bless them all.

A travesty against the memory of a Soldier

Al Cameron "Veterans Voices of Canada"

Something to Ponder

Veterans Facilities in Scotland

A different Drug Problem

A Letter to the Prime Minister

Shades of D Day a Pictorial Visit

R 22 R On Parade

Press RELEASE NATO Veterans of Canada

Red Friday

Squeezing a Stone

WHY???? are women joining ISIS ?

A new friend from D Day

Bravo Zulu to the Senior Service the RN

Former CDS Speaks up.

Happy Canada day from Bonnie SCotland

Straight From the Heart SEAN LANGAN

RCASC WW2... Italian Campaign rescuers

Home Grown Terrorists???

A fued over a Century old !

PM Harper Please read

Belated Birthday Wish to Prince Phillip

Apologies for Late Coverage of:

The Gauntlet has been Thrown

Reflection of Normandy 2014

Juno Beach D Day 2014

D Day tomorrow

Countdown D day

Countdown to D-Day Ceremonies !

Work up to D Day 70th Ceremonies

4 Canadian Heroes WW1

D Day, some Veterans need assistance ! ! !

Attention VAC ! ! !

RIP Lt Col Bobbitt

Thoughts from a Veteran Captain

Nasty Landlord

Tweet # Tweet DVA

Monday Musings May 2014

Remember our Veterans Always not just May 9th

Another Veteran being SHAFTED ? ? ? ?

Do Canadians CARE ?? ? ? ? ?

Red Friday ? ? ?

Ed Brown Veteran Poet

Well Done PM Harper

Peace keeping and Canada.

Red Friday

News from the House of Commons

Vimy, Normandy, Korea, etc.


A Welcome "U" Turn

False Alarms CO$TLY

Monday RANT ! ! ! !

Dogs, PTSD and a one time payment

Don’t put it OFF !

On the Road Again

A slap in the face to our TROOPS

PTSD....a way forward in this Cyber age

The Day has Finally Arrived in Afghanistan

The Scourge of PTSD

The Ukraine VS Mother Russia

Sailors Return

Alice Herz-Sommer Rest in Peace

Olympics, The Ukraine and a Letter from a Korean Veteran.

Monday Return (Fingers Crossed)

A letter from an MP

Family Information Lines

Final Red Friday of Jan 2014

Yesterday's Ombudsman Report from the Hill

News worthy E mails

Red Friday

PTSD Shame on Canada

Another Blog via a Friend

A Blog from a Pal

Kabul and Human Rights ? ?

Another day in Afghanistan

Congratulation to 3 Women of our Military

Through the eyes of a Soldier

100 day Countdown

RCAF Message from Commander

Red Friday..Msg from RCN Commander

Congratulations "Colonel Bob

Wise Words from a Wise Soldier

News from all Branches of the Canadian Military Family

Extended Vacations for MP's

Crisis Management for Veterans

Veterans or Khadr

Anger and Frustration amongst Canada’s finest !

N Korea...Veterans Act and more

Minister Fantano CONFUSED

Musings from San Antonio


Veterans and a Canadian Heroin MMV

Proud to be a Canuck

In Defense of those who serve.

Allies from WW2 Recognised RCAF

Your Canadian Army News

Your Navy at work and Play (Mascot)

RCAF History Projects

UN Kerfluffle ! ! ! ! again

Military Families.. Memories and weddings

Veterans boggled with new PTSD app

Our Veterans deserve Better.

Drug Take down by crew of HMCS Toronto

Veterans and Heroes..............> > > >

Veterans lack Respect in Ottawa

Canada's Wounded Warriors

PTSD and the Medal of Honour

Monday Thoughts

Red Friday and Nostalgia

DC...Syria...what a world

Red Friday and the Military are Training

9-11... The day the World Changed

Canada's Arctic Eyes and ears. The Rangers

"SYRIA" decision Pending

Sep1 in History

Labour Day weekend 2013

Syria Terror on a daily basis

A Traitor, A Veteran, a Moustache

The Youth of today.

Monday Ramblings:

Suffer the Little Children to come unto me.

Wednesday Meanderings


Festival Eid al-Fitr

Islam, Strange ideas

Sadness for Military Families CFB Petawawa

Safe Patrols to 3 RCN Ships.

Sea King's 1/2 century of Service

Monday Morning Rant

Syria death toll reaches 100,000

Welcome to Canada's newest Heir to the Throne

Monday Morning Musings

Red Friday 19 July

Passing of a WW2 War Hero

General Devlin Parting Comments

Korean War Veterans Day 27 July 2013

RED FRIDAY: remember our Veterans

Army Reverts to Old Rank Structure...Yahooooo

Truer Words were never spoken.

Venting and Shaking my Head ! ! !

Sadness and Joy today

Bravo Zulu to the RCMP, CSIS and the CBSA

Chinook Delivery for Canada day

Floods in Alberta, Chaos in Syria

Troops, Floods and Canada

Canadians on the move again.

Task Force 2-13

Monday Musings June 17

Early edition Monday Morning Musings

As we go to Press this (Wear) Red Friday,

Wed Thoughts of D Day 6 June

Monday Morning Musings

10 things the Taliban are scared of:

Thursday Thoughts

Global and Home Security

Rest in Peace Drummer Rigby

Thursday musings

Canada Proud Strong and Free

RIP Peter Worthington

Sad news for GUN CONTROL.

Battle of the Atlantic, Remembrance

Wednesday Musings:

HRH Prince Phillip Col in Chief . The RCR

Boston Bombing

Sixteen year old Soldiers

Let the Fireworks celebrate our Army.

Airborne Update

Sadness around the Globe

Red Friday and some N Korean Humour.

Disgraceful decision.. reducing Combat pay

Monday Musings

taliban may run in Afghan Elections 2014

Vimy Ridge Remembered 9-12 April

Kim Jong Un...Life is not a Video game

As Easter approaches...May all our people be Blessed.

Monday Morning Musings March 25 2013

A well deserved retirement

Welcome home HMCS Regina

As the world turns......

Monday Morning Musings March 2013

Not a Good Example of a Canadian

First signs of the troubles.

Israel a great country , full of brave people.

The Sinai Peninsula

Forty years ago in 1973

Terrorists from Canada???

Hal Swain First Apprentice of the RCASC

Enough is Enough ! ! ! !

A Brave Soldier .... N Africa, Middle East wars

Arab Spring still going Strong

Syrian home made weapons

CSIS report on Homegrown Terrorists

Sunnybrook no longer Sunny for our Veterans

Algeria / Mali

Mali, Syria what next?

Red Friday and the Ombudsman report

Dangerous and a disgraceful purchase

Syria, Mali and a few lighter bytes.

Trucks, Memories and the MFO

First Red Friday 2013

Is it time for the Blue Berets in Africa again.

Welcome 2013, Farewell 2012

As 2012 ends My Money is still on Peter MacKay

NRA,Gun Control Advocates Duke it out !

Some things never change ! ! ! !

F-35 a Different Story

Tragedy in Connecticut

A Logistics Nightmare ...Afghanistan 2014

October Report Veterans Ombudsman

Remember our Troops and their Families

Canadian Military Post Afghanistan.....

A Difficult decision by Canadian Government at the UN

Doctors and Generals Forum in Kinston Ont.

A Canadian Hero in the face of Fire

Welcome NATO Veterans link

Disgraceful conduct in Toronto re: Remembrances

Veterans Advocacy an Inspiring Voice...

Post Remembrance Day Musings

We Shall Remember 11 Nov 2012

Proud Canadians Remember in many ways.

Remembrance Day Countdown.

Muslim VS Muslim

Cuban Missile Crisis 50 Years on

Terrorism & the Middle East

Red Friday

taliban,frightened of teen girls.......

As we Remember ...our Veterans of all wars and missions

Red Friday

taliban vs Children

Monday Musings.

Red Friday

Farewell Mr Buckland

Omar Khadr (Terrorist)

Wasted Funding ? ? ?

Monday Morning Message

Red Friday even in Quebec

Agent Orange update from Vietnam.

A Million Memories

State of the Art Armour Arrives

Canadians Away from Home

Proud to be Canadian


RCASC (A) reunion.....Delayed Blog

A disservice to our military

Operation Greenflash 2012 coming to Borden

UN Memorial Day Aug 12

Syria, Iran Boiling over !!!!

50 Year ,pause for reflection

Naval History

Collateral Damages Afghanistan !!

E Mail from a Very Irate Veteran

Death and Destruction

The Meaning of ""Ramadan""

Cross Dressing Terrorists ! ! !

"Canadian Eh"

July 09 Monday Musings

Navy News

Monday Musings

Canada Day weekend 2012

Cpl Monnin a PROUD CANADIAN Soldier

"Politics" War or peace

RIP Jack Unsworth 12 pl

96th Nijmegan March coming Soon.

Canadian Forces Safe Driving Championship.

Dancing is a Crime in Pakistan !!

D-Day 6 June 1944 Remembered

Another NATO death in action

A fine Memorial for a VC winner J.C.Richardson (Piper)

Congratulations Colonel in Chief Rick Hansen

Military Families

Pakistan an Ally ? ? ? True or False ????

A Poem about MEDALS

Summerside Challenge ! ! ! !

Tragic Mother's day weekend in Afghanistan

Importance of Military Family

HMCS Charlottetown "All Challenges Squarely Met"

Battle of the Atlantic, Communion on the Moon.

2 Hours later ! ! !

News Stories SPIN or not to SPIN

Archie Hearsey PPCLI >>>RIP

Ah the "Cooks" ! ! ! !

Simply a GOOD NEWS Story

Geneva Convention rules broken again....

Afghanistan.....SIGH ! ! ! !

Belt Tightening at the DND

OPINION: F-35 why the fuss ? ? ? Subs a waste:

Farewell Don Bernier RCASC Apprentice

UK Soldier helping Afghans

Afghan Dreams and Night Raids??

Military Dogs/ local animals

Headlines Good and Bad

Who is the real enemy??? in Afghanistan

Toronto Police Service "Shake your Head"

Captain Fawcett a determined Canuck

Monday Confusing News ! ! ! Minister Veterans Affairs

Saint Patricks week-end

The price of a life? In Afghanistan

A tragedy in Afghanistan......may have been prevented with care

IED's still a danger in Afghanistan

Desecration Commonwealth War Graves in Libya

" The ENEMY within"


Deplorable, Disgusting, WORDS escape me

"FIRE" Canadian Training Pays off...

News from the Afghan Front

Valentines Departure

Winterlude Honours our Troops.

Valentine’s Day and our Troops

Summerside Honours WO Frank Mellish

Our World ? ? ? Our Troops

Happy Birthday Col.(ret) Hal Swain

NATO Veterans re-grouping

Hearty Congratulations Capt. Crosier CC177 Pilot

Malta GC a proud Ally

A sad Friday for NATO/ISAF

HMCS St. John's supports counter-narcotic operation

Iran....Syria...HMCS Charlottetown

Vile video surfaces True or False

Tenuous Travels for Containers

East Coast departure, West coat Joy

Travel broadens the mind ? ? ?

2012 Iran?? Syria???taliban??

Happy New Year 2012

What a GREAT Christmas 2011

Christmas Message from Afghanistan Commander

HMCS Charlottetown and The Army

Canadian Army Memories

Canadian Submarine

Army Training 24/7...RCN and RCAF as well

NBCW Training Ongoing

CAnadian Military Spans the Globe on operations

This isn’t a job; it’s a lifestyle

If you think moving houes is a PIA check this out

If you think moving houes is a PIA check this out

Damned when they do , Double damned when they don't ! ! !

A Sgt Majors worst nightmare.....

NATO/UN so many choices

MND's Canada/ Israel meeting

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

22 year old Disgraces Father a Veteran

Remembrance Day Parades finished for a further year

11/11/11 Today we Remember

Totem Memorial

Mindless Hooligans in Calgary and elsewhere

Widows Widowers and Family Members

Repatriation M/Cpl Greff 3 PPCLI

What a Sad W/E for Canadians & NATO Alike.

Sad Day in Trenton

Shame Shame RC Legion

Snippets from the DND News Service

Libyan Mission Complete Bravo Zulu NATO

Military Women in Canada

Military Women in Canada

Military Tradition within a Family

Welcome Home Daddy

Training Commander in Afghanistan

First RCAF rotation Libya

This Sums it Up

Monday Morning RCR's Prepare


Congratulations F/S Justin Dow..& veteran Guy Vachon

Veterans Discuss World Affairs

Red Friday Support our Troops

Challenged by a Challenger ?

Monday Meanderings

Sunday Sept 18th a Busy Day

Boots on the Ground

Debbie Dompierre defies the age Barrier

06/06/44, 7/12/1941, Dates from History

Memories of A Parade Square CFB Borden

DND Billion $$$$ Savings Annually ? ?

Words to the Wise Minister Baird

A relatively peacefull Joint Operation

Raven Program produces results

HMCS VAncouver & HMCS Charlottetown change over.

Reinstate "Royal" US discovery?

Great News... Royal title to be returned to Canada's military

One in One Out

Time Flies

HMCS Vancouver nearing Libya...Syrian conflict heats up

Terrible Tragedy in Afghanistan

Ominous Warnings to Syria by the UN

Canada's Submarine still Plaqued with faults

Libya ....How Long will NATO be there?

CAnadian Korean Veterans Honoured 516 Gave their Lives

Libya almost 1/2 year of NATO Bombings

Red Friday in the Heat

Portraits of Honour Mural

Red Friday Please Show your Support

God Speed and Fair Sailing to HMCS Vancouver

HMCS Vancouver to replace HMCS Charlottetown

"Garage" Sale Kandahar

Islanders (and the World) watch Prince William

Another Canada has passed into memory

Libyan Mission Extended ? ? ? ?

A Sad weekend for our Troops and Apprentice Veterans

Wonderful to see......Merveilleux de voir

Libyan Civil War created by NATO

294 to 1......... not the canucks/bruins score

Monday after a weekend of Carnage

Red Friday

"D" Day Ceremonies Chilliwack BC

A soldier died Today and a Good Samaritan in BC

Red Friday

Toronto Star says Libyan Bombing Stats light on detail

Julian Fantino and the F-35 procurement

A Majority Government Retains The Honourable Peter MacKay MND

Chinook Down ! ! !

Red Friday "Please show YOUR support "

Canada's PM Supports Red Fridays

Soldier Missing in Edmonton

Hang in Quebec, the army is on it's way.

Operation “Geronimo”

Sober Satisfaction the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Congratulation From Canada

An eye opener for our new Government ! ! !

Violent Easter Weekend in Afghanistan

Happy Easter, Happy Passover

NATO inching closer to ground troops in Libya

Training Staff targeted by taliban

No News must be Good News

Monday Meandering Thoughts

Confusion, Libya, Afghanistan and the USA

The actions of a Fearmonger Terry Jones (pastor)

" Election day BREAKING News"

Highway of Heroes awaits Cpl Scherrer

Sadness in Valcartier, Flags Lowered

The Writ has dropped

Once again into the Fray......Canadian Jets

A Megalomaniac VS the World

Canadians Once again into the Breech

Information Day

Governor General Decorates Unsung Heroes

Japan Quake and Tsunami Condolences to all.

Despite N Africa our Army is working hard in Afghanistan

A drizzly Monday Morning

" Ready Aye Ready " HMCS Charlottetown

Thoughts on a Frigid Monday

Canadian Evacuees C-17 ?

New Helo Facility in BC

Air Force admits Army Cooks are best

SAR Canada's Air Element at work

Honouring Canadians.

Immigration and the Military

Cooks do it again !! Bravo Zulu

So Much Good Canadian Military News

A Good News Story of our Troops

Monday Morning Musings final day of the first month of 2011

When will it End ?

Jihadists Threaten Canada !!

Monday Morning Heroes

Bravo Zulu South Korea

Deaths, Policeman & Military

Gun Culture....Gun Mentallity

Hidden Costs of Wars......

“Little things mean a lot”

Monday Musings of the W/E news

A well kept secret........

Relative Calm in Kandahar...

New Year....New Aircraft

Happy New Year 2011

So much for training

Christmas Visitors in Kandahar

Merry Christmas One and All

The Piper Laments, CFB Trenton Repatriation

Tragic News For the Vandoos....

Cannons to the Left of them.......

Troop Xmas Greetings from PEI Kids

A Happy Day for 3 Moncton Soldiers

Red Friday 2 more till Christmas Eve

Nine Years and 50 Days & Counting

Monday Morning 19 Days till Santa Arrives

A Dec Weekend

Mid Week Meanderings Dec 01

A Monday filled with Concern

R I P Captain Frank Paul Canadian Medic

Disgraceful Phone Calls

Corruption and a Conman Afghan Style

Nato Ramblings Lisbon 2010

Mid week Thoughts

Monday Monday Can't trust that day.

Red Friday apres Remembrance day

Remembrance Day Eve

Monday Morning Musings.

Red Friday Red Rally

Mid Week Meandering Nov 02

Mid Week Meandering Nov 02

Monday Morning Musings 1 Nov

Red Friday one week to Red Rally

Mid week Meandering 27/10

Monday Musings

Wear Red Friday

Mid Week Meandering 20 October 2010

Montag morgen Träumereien

Friday Show your Support

Midweek Meanderings

Thanksgiving Prayers for one and all

Thanksgiving Weekend Red Friday

Military Justice ?? Captain Semrau a Scapegoat

Musings this October Monday

Thursday ( I am busy Friday and Saturday) PC Convention

Monday Morning Musings 09

Last Red Friday of September

Mid Week Musings

Monday Musings (Voting)

Show your PRIDE wear RED Friday

Mid Week Meanderings

13 Sept Monday Morning Musings

Red Friday

Monday Musings Sept. 06

A Green Monster ,supports our Troops and sends a Video.

A Flag Draped Casket of Cpl Pinksen will arrive at CFB Trenton

Canada has lost another son of Newfoundland. Cpl Brian Pinksen RIP

Monday Morning Musings Last Monday in August

Red Friday Thoughts !!

As the world Turns ? ?

Regimental Respect

Monday Morning Musings 23 August

Red Friday Aug. 20

taliban and Ramadan

Monday Morning Musings Aug 16

Red Friday and the Invisible Army

Plans circulating in Ottawa for 2011 Pullout

Peacekeeping Ceremony in Montague

Aug 09 Monday Morning Musings

A very Good Red Friday

Red Friday is with us again.

Mid-Week Meanderings (2)

Monday Morning Musings (6)

Red Fridfay

Nail biting continues as we await the Jury decision

Updated Highway of Heroes you Tube Video

What a disgrace, Island landlord disallows yellow Ribbon Tribute

Monday Morning Musings

Sapper Brian Collier returns to Canadian Soil

Red Friday and the return of the "Red Patch"

Sapper Brian Collier enroute to the Highway of Heroes

Sgt. Martin Goudreault RCE killed in Afghanistan...his 3rd tour

Route of Heroes an extension of the Highway of Heroes.

Sadness in Trenton Ontario.............newly arrived JOY in PEI the circle of life.

Sgt. Martin Goudreault RCE arrival Ceremony CFB Trenton

I am saddened to report the passing of Sgt (ret) Tom Hunter WW2 veteran and member of the PEI Regiment

Red Friday Reflections....

CBC Honours Canadians killed in Haiti earthquake

17 Days to Go.....Ride for Dad on PEI

Walking the "Beat" with Canada's Police.......Kandahar

PPCLI Soldier Killed by ied. Pte McKay may he Rest in Peace his duty done.

The Power of the Blog Stymies the Government

Words from Afghanistan... poignant and moving.

Headlines like this are the worst nightmare of the Invisible army.

Commanding Officer killed while on Recce Party in Kabul,,, opening soon

Red Friday and a Flag Draped casket arrives on this Holiday weekend.

My sincere apology to Col. Parkers Daughter.......

Monday Morning Musings....

Todays Blog dedicated to the Invisible Army

Sadness for another Canadian Family

A Canadian Mother, from Gagetown NB shares her thoughts on the war in Afghanistan.

Canadians Supporting our Troops

Last day May 2010

Enjoy the Drums at the Red Rally June 25 Stratford PEI

Red Friday.. Possible new role for Canada Post 2011

Well Spent Defence Dollars

Cultural Experiences in Kandahar.... Gen Menard stands tall

"The Congo" will we or won't we?

Fact and Fiction.......

A battle diary excerpt from the Front Lines

Red Friday PLUS local school naming Stratford PEI continued..........

New Padre General for Canadian Military

RCMP may increase mentoring in Afghanistan

Princess Ann visits troops....mentions the stresses of Invisible Army

Sgt Keith Lawson RIP a fine member of the CORPS

As the news of a disgraced Base Commander hits the news, A Proud Happy Story EVENT will overshadow it.

MAY DAY>>>>MAYDAY......Information for May events.

What a Weekend...

One for the Books....

Canadian Naval Petty Officer KIA..... may he Rest in peace.

One Hundred Years plus a day Canadian Navy unveils "The Homecoming"

Holland 65 Years on.......Afghanistan .... a few moments on??

Red Friday and a wonderful e mail

Mothering Sunday.. Best wishes to Moms everywhere.

A memorable weekend of Firsts and Lasts..

Brief Update concerning our Pirate Hunters

Red Friday, RIP Cpl Darren Fitzpatrick.>.>.> SHAME U of Regina Professors

RIP Cpl Fitzpatrick 3 PPCLI...Well done HRH Prince Charles

Spoken words from a Wife and from a British Soldier

End of March end of a mission...Bosnia-Herzegovina Cdn. Troops return

Mentoring Afghan Dental and Hospital care

Something to think about ? ? ? ? Politicos please Treat our troops with the RESPECT due them !

Breaking News Bin Laden Surrenders, seeking Canadian healthcare !

Happy Easter 2010 CFB Gagetown troops prepare to leave for Afghanistan

Easter Monday Musings.

Canada's Helo Crews covering Kandahar 24/7

Canadians at home ! ! Canadians Away....

Karzai Comments BIG News ! ! !.... G20-G8 Summit Security

Red Friday and Vimy Ridge day Remember the Veterans of WW1 who have all passed away.

Wear Red Run 3

A Tragic Monday Morning Story as a Canadian Soldier is Killed

Historical look at PEI and the Island's Role in the Military

Red Friday PLUS local school naming Stratford PEI

K9 Blogger sends a great story, plus a marvellous Link

Very Interesting outlook on Afghanistan

A soldiers perspective on Deployments

HMCS Halifax returning home from Inflight Gas stations

Mid week, BRAVO ZULU for Canada

Red Friday and Members of The Invisible Army visit Kandahar.

End of another week, Petraeus says Afghanistan Extremely volatile

Haiti Pride in Canada

Another Thank you to Canada and in particular our Military

Viewpoint: Measuring success in Afghanistan NATO and the Coalition

" Ubique " Canadian Military Engineers at work

Soldier on and the 2010 Paralympics long lasting Connections

Beware the Ides of March....2010 Kandahar

HMCS Athabaskan heading home, due in Halifax Wednesday.

Mr Karzai you cannot have it Both ways

Spring is Sprung and the MFSC in Charlottetown is getting ready for WR3

As our troops gearup for the Kanadahar offensive a pause for reflection

A Happy Ending in Florida

A very PROUD member of Canada's Invisible Army, sends an e mail

As Kandahar offensive rolls slowly on Suicide bombers on the rise...

Another Sad Day for the Patricias...

Readers give us great information regarding Veterans

Red Friday Pls show your support for our troops. Congratulations Canadian medics.

My thoughts on the weeks news.

Ready Aye Ready...."We fight (and help) as One " HMCS Athabaskan

Groundhogs say 6 more weeks ....and Canadians still carry on

Sadly another Apprentice, moves on to the advance party Terry Firman.RIP

Canadian Military thrives with adversity.

TV documentaries on HMCS Fredericton and Canada's dart team

A Veteran Journalist's description of a Canadian Soldier

An ode to our Invisible Army

Red Friday and the Opening of the Olympic Games.

Whatever happened to secrecy with regard to attacking the enemy?

Morale and Attitude significant words from Gen. Lewis McKenzie (Ret)

Family Day....... yet a Sad Day

Canadian Female Soldiers covered by BBC world Radio

Prime Minister Harper toured Haiti relief efforts

NATO must fight with caution to protect civilians.

Red Friday Let's show our Support to our Troops....

End of an Era....and the 96 Hour rule.

Canada WINS Hockey game...........

Heavy hearts in Kandahar and Canada

Repatriation for Brave canadians, a sad time for the Families

Another Sad military story

Collateral Damage equals Sadness for Students of Sgt Miok Teacher.

Foreign Office Diplomat one of the wounded....Body Scanners ???

A VERY WORTHWHILE cause. Canadians remembering Canadians

Thousands Honour Slain Constable

Readers Assistance wanted....Congratulations to Tyler Coady of PEI

Captain Wayne Johnston his work as Casualty Administration Officer

A tragic start to 2010 for the Coalition.........PEI Family prepares to welcome home their Hero

Disaster Relief Canada Responds "Operation Hamlet underway"

DART on site and aid moving slowly in to Haiti.

On going relief efforts to include 800 peacekeepers

PPCLI Sgt pays the ultimate price may he RIP

The Highway of heroes awaits

So Much Sadness in Haiti and Afghanistan.....time for some military humour

Haiti pride and stress for the Invisible Army

Peacekeeping, Humanitarian, Mounties return to CFB Trenton.

Aftershocks continue in Haiti, Field Hospital enroute.

Message from Military Families Services.......Show your Support at a Hockey Game

Negative news... My thoughts on this incident

Bravo Zulu Able Seaman Kate Nesbitt Royal Navy.

The Opposition is wasting Parliamentary time re: Afghan Detainees

Logistical tasks begin to meet pullout dates

Notes from some Tankers Ld S H (Royal Canadians) on their tour of Duty

General Menard now has increased numbers of troops

First Anniversary of historic mission from The Sudan

A Merry Christmas wish to our troops. from a veteran

As the Olympic Torches travel our broad land, some stories.

4 Days till Christmas

Christmas at the front...Canadians Carry on.

Merry Christmas to all of our Military and their Familes from my Family.

Canadian Mother, Honours the memory of her son.

With deep sadness in my heart, I pray for the family of Lt Nuttall

Some Pics and memories from Lt Nuttall`s Blog, may he Rest In Peace

As 2009 draws to a close,another fine memorial to Canada's fallen

HMCS Fredricton Bravo Zulu, RIP Ottawa Police Officer

Father Time Passes 2009 and Welcomes 2010

Friday the 13th, Thoughts

84 Years Old and still defending Canada from Criminals

Peacekeeping School Nairobi

Political wonder the troops are confused

Farewell and Thank you to General Vance...Welcome to General Daniel Menard

Red Rallies Canadians from Sea to shining sea.....

Cooks the backbone of Army the field

The Torch departs PEI...Well done Vanoc Staff and all participants

NATO Association Founder passes to the Advance Party

Time Swiftly passes. In less than a Month Christmas will have come and Gone.

Afghan prisoner torture claims

NL Banker does his bit for our troops again

NATO moves Canadian area of responsibility

Epitome of a Canadian Soldier

Red Friday Pls show your support visibly for our troops

Sad figures as Remembrance Day approaches

Tomorrow please join us at the Red Rally DVA Atrium Charlottetown

RED Friday..Red Rally Day

Great Turnout at PEI Red Rally Thankyou.

Monday Musings

A couple more reasons to Thank the Military

" Lest we Forget " " De peur que nous oubliions "

Slowly but Surely Canada progresses in Afghanistan

Burkhas in the news.

As you Give Thanks this w/e with your family, please remember our troops

CBC documentary "Aghan Star"

Canadian Command of Kandahar Hospital is Transferred today

Red Friday and a prayer sent in by a Veteran

Disregard cowardly taliban propaganda

Joint Operation protecting Canada's coastline

Keep the lights burning in Honour of Captain Nichola Goddard

Correction regarding UPEI And the events for Captain Goddard

CDS Rick Hillier Retired but still a "Soldiers Soldier"

Wear Red Friday ... a picture is worth a 1000 words

Upcoming November Events on PEI

Farewell HMCS Fredericton,Welcome home HMCS Winnipeg

Ever wanted to try Sledge Hockey ? ? Now is your chance.

PPCLI Lt Pays the ultimate price in Kandahar RIP

A sad Red Friday. Repatriation of Lt. Justin Boyes 3 PPCLI

Along The Highway of Heroes Canadians pay hommage to Lt Boyes and his family

Remembrance Week Lest we Forget

Sapper Steven Marshall, RIP young soldier your duty has been done

After the sad loss of two fine Canadians, please honour them by attending Friday Red Rally

New Combat group moving in. Valcartier Combat group returning home.

Sadness and grief for Valcartier and a Canadian family again.

Reggie the Black Lab

Running for the "Soldier on" programme.

As PM enjoys Timbits (return to %100 Canadian ownership)New FSO veteran takes on big job

Captain Simon Mailloux a proud determined Canadian...BRAVO ZULU.

Suffer the little children to come unto me. Canada and NATO at Kandahar Hospital

Another fine memorial from a Mother a member of the United States Invisible Army

Briadier General Vance tells it like it is. Well Done General

Pirates....BE Very AFRAID...the NAVY is watching for you

An open Invitation to all Canadians

MND Hint of troops remaining after 2011

Canadian mentors in Bomb Disposal Training

Royal Air Force come to assistance of Canadian Sailor

Friday / Saturday headlines re: Canadian troops

Canada's youth enlisting, following family Traditions. Well Done

Well done Chinook crews in Kandahar

HMCS Fredericton deployed to pirate territory

Eve of Election in Afghanistan

RED FRIDAY today Celebration Canadian Style.

Quarantined Soldiers and a message from the front.

Heading West to Camp Borden

Canadians DO NOT need a fall election ! ! ! !

Green Monster reunion 2009... some stories

Greenie" reunion sitrep.

Green Monsters of Borden closing Summary

Canadian Engineers pay the ultimate price, of soldiers in a combat zone.

Canadians grieve as our two latest heroes are repatriated.

With another sad Repatriation yesterday an appropriate e-mail received.

Red Friday as we remember those who have paid the ultimate price.

RCMP(the worlds finest police Service) memorial day Sunday

A repeat for all our members of Canada's Invisible Army

BRAVO ZULU to Peter MacKay our MND

Encouraging words from our CDS

More Grieving in Valcartier and another Canadian Family loses a son

A place of reflection and peace in Afghanistan

repatriation for Pte Lormand is scheduled for Wednesday 16 Sep 2009 at 1400

Morale building for our troops. Canada's entertainers for the troops

A well earned Honour for RCASC Veteran Wayne Wannamaker

Monday Morning Rants and Musings

Putting another brick in the wall....

Assistance Required....

As we head into a new month, will this be the beginning of a new COLD WAR???

Sad Morning for Families and Loved ones.

CFB Trenton prepares for another repatriation ceremony later today.

This Thankyou started in the USA, lets adopt it as well...

Wear Red Friday tomorrow, Sunday Aug 9th Peacekeepers day.

Thankyou to DVA Researcher Christopher Michaud

A week ending with Thank you.

Canada must not follow in the footsteps of the UK.

An appeal from the NATO,NORAD Veterans association

Proud Canadians one and all. RCMP and Canadian Police Officers.

2 weeks Notice, Mothers lock up your daughters The Green Monsters are back ! !

Stars and Stripes Newspaper coverage of Van Doos..Soldats bien faits du Canada

64 Years after VJ Day, Canada's Heroic Veterans of Hong Kong are remembered.

RCMP Sgt wounded in Kabul Blast, I pray for a full recovery.

" ELECTION DAY" apathy in Canada FEAR In Afghanistan

48 Hours till PEI Red Rally come one come all. Note Venue CHANGE ! ! !

Today is the Day !!! Come and support your troops

Not quite a sea!!!but definetely a wave of Red !! ! Thankyou

Ready Aye Ready, Canada's Naval Queen's Colours Ceremony.

Correctional Service of Canada... a different type of soldiering, far away

Happy Birthday Canada......Bon anniversaire le Canada

2009 Via rail looks after our troops, our Veterans and their families again.

Once again our former CDS Gen.Rick Hillier comes through. Bravo Zulu Mr Chancellor ! !

The Patricias and Canada suffer again from the tools of Cowards.

A sad w/e for Parents, Wives and Children of 2 Canadian Casualties

2 more Canadians, join the Advance party. God Bless Them

The Piper plays another lament for Ramp Ceremonies in Kandahar

Show support Friday and a Retirement ! ! !

A serious deficiency of Canadian Troops.

A very Sad week for our Allies plus something happier to make you smile

Canadas Military, Ground Vehicles Afghanistan

1/2 way through July.

Jeune Sebastian Courcy Privé Royal 22cd la cérémonie de rampe de Régiment

Repatriation Pte Courcy, final journey along the "Highway of Heroes"

A whole new Airforce.

Suicide bombers dress as women???

Saving lives daily at Kandahar Hospital

July is a terrible month for the NATO coalition

Gulf of Aden Canadian sailors on patrol.

Agent Orange The Gagetown Movie, needs some assistance.

A fine memorial from the Worlds Worst Terrorist attack.

Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units Sponsors of 2009 Ride for Dad.

Important news from Eric Payne.

Good News of Returning Troops, not so good news from Theatre of Operations.

"D" Day 6 June 1944....65 years ago today.

Civilian Training Cadre ....something to think about Mr Harper

Le reste dans la paix le jeune soldat, RIP young Soldier

As Pte.Peloquin is repatriated a tribute from a mother at the Highway of Heroes.

Is the Media becoming apathetic, about coverage ?

The Circle never ends, Petawawa,,,Wainwright,,,Kandahar

An open letter from concerned veterans.

Combat Engineer pays the ultimate price in Afghanistan God Bless him.

CFB Trenton and Canadians will once again salute. A Soldier Repatriated.

Ten days left till High Noon Your chance to show Support for our Troops

The Government of Canada should advise the Roberts family.

One week countdown to the Red Rally in Charlottetown

Happy Fathers Day Gentlemen ! !

Kandahar Father's Day run raises $6000....WW2 Veterans Story

A reminder from The Yukon

Batteries Not Included....Spiralling costs of modern warfare.

Stress...PTSD..whatever caused it, we have lost another Soldier.

Major Mendes is repatriated, and travels the "Highway of Heroes" RIP

Cowardly taliban and their ways!!

Another "Wear Red Friday" and other musings

Veterans Ombudsman worries over Homeless veterans

Battle of the Atlantic Royal Canadian Navy 66th Anniversary. Ready aye Ready.

"" May Events ""


Maman, Muttie, Mere, Mom, Mother,

An Open Letter to our MP's and a link in defence of Veterans Ombudsman

Global Headlines....Support our Troops

Victoria Day BBQ in Kandahar as MND and Veterans Affairs Minister visit

What a week for news concerning both our serving troops and our Veterans.

Every tour of duty, has someone who makes you feel good...

Bravo Zulu HMCS Winnipeg ! ! !

Sadness and Joy in Charlottetown.

Dogs, my favourite animal in the world. Working on behalf of our Soldiers

Future and the Past on this Easter weekend.

Canadians doing their Duty, Makes me PROUD.

Dieu Bénit le Gendarme Karine Blais, 12iem le Régiment blindé de Québec

As another soldier is repatriated, a few photos to show you the difficulties our troops face each and every day.

Canada's Navy fighting Pirates,Army/Airforce fighting taliban insurgents..Afghan women Protesting for rights.....

RedFriday....Troops abusing Afghans ? ? ? not

"HRH Prince Phillip sets a record" .......God Save our Queen.

A Good news story from our UK Allies in Afghanistan

8 1/2 Years and 117 Casualties, when will it End???

4,000 new troops, more civilian experts for says the USA..what effect will this have on our Canadian soldiers ? ?

I read this headline with sadness and regret...Short-staffed RCMP relaxes recruitment rules

Taliban Surrender Unconditionally...convert to Christianity

Justifiable Outrage and anger has Kharzai sold out???

April 4th 1949 NATO is Formed.....60 Years On ! !

A Soldier Died Today

Welcome Home Captain Terry Hunter, "Soldier on " Ski tripMt Washington

Thankyou Air Canada cargo teams

Hard to believe another Year has passed since last Bingo

Happy Birthday NATO 60 Years

Global Currents...Breaking Ranks

Military Families Centre March Event Reminders.

No Win Situation....Afghanistan . . . . Aftercare for our beleagured troops

Breaking News 3 Soldiers killed 2 wounded

Wives , Mothers, Parents, Children, Siblings, Friends and Military brothers Weep at their loss.

Friday Please Show your Support wear something Red.

Repatriation along ...The Highway of Heroes

Canada's Piper Laments another soldiers death

What a fortnight. In this old world.

M/Cpl Jody Mitic 1st Bn RCR an inspiration to Canada and life...R22R depart Valcartier

CNN reports a cost of $750,000 per year per soldier in Afghanistan...what is canada's cost?

2 IED's 4 Soldiers killed...8 Wounded Sadness again for families and all Canadians

The Pride of Islanders, goes on.

DVA.....problems with Age Discrimination.....

A sad honourable repatriation 3 RCR's come home.

Captain Trevor Greene, survivor ! ! and still battling on.

A tragic day for the Royal Canadian Regiment and all Canadians

Military Traditions The Skirl o' the pipes.....donkeys and mules

A Very Merry Christmas to the Invisible Army

Boxing Day a day of Mourning !!

Two more Canadians Killed by taliban cowards.

End of 2008, beginning 2009

Afghanistan, Gaza; Canada is deeply involved

Sad Day in Kandahar and Petawawa ! ! !

A great Editorial from Toronto Sun writer.

Something to think about.....Veterans of all wars....

Sad news...............Happy Memories

Obama's first mistake.....

A Poem for the Invisible Army

Things that should not Happen ! ! !

31 Jan 2009 RIP " Sapper Sean David Greenfield "

What a week ! ! ! !

View from behind the Burkha and taliban media coverage.

"" 14.....18 "" The number of days to our Red Rally and Remembrance day

Welcome Home to one of Canada's Special Forces members

Red Rally Charlottetown 8 Days away, Red Friday Tomorrow

First Chinooks arrive in Khandahar............Lest we Forget

WW2 veteran memorial Service...Definition of a veteran.

A soldiers poem, plus remembrance links, and Congratulations to members of the Devils Brigade on receipt of the Bronze Star from the USA.

7 November Tomorrow Please show your support.

Thankyou to the Few and True, Red Rally Friday

A word to younger Bloggers, about Canada's Military

" Lest we Forget "

Islam the Religion of Peace ? ? ?

Clearing up some misconceptions.

Important news for our Veterans and our FUTURE Veterans and their families.

Monday morning ramblings.

Fanatical Terrorists Strike again, this time in India ! ! !

"" Coalition "" bad for our military

Farewell God Speed to 408 (tac) Helo Sqn. of Namao

A wee bit of Canada a brief respite for our soldiers. " Tim's " Kandahar

A Grim Milestone 3 Canadian soldiers killed by IED Blast. UPDATE

Canada's military Medics do it again well done......

Special Operations and an Island father's Pride.

Ramadan and it's meaning.

Another sad day for the Patricias in Afghanistan. May the Blessings of the Lord be theirs.

As the Piper Laments three Patricias are homeward bound with honour and dignity.

The writ has dropped and sadly another Canadian Soldier, killed.

"" 2011 ""

Taliban strike UN aid workers, RCMP training in Kandahar

Van doos officer killed in Mali while on peacekeeping mission.

Change of Battle Groups,.... UN World peace Day,,,,,Yellow Ribbons festoon Cornwall home.

My apologies to the Town of Cornwall Cenotaph committee; deserter allowed to stay

A soldiers Poem....on this Red Friday plus an open letter from a Veteran

Bravery of Afghan Woman; RIP Lt.-Col. Malali Kakar

HMCS Charlottetown Visits Charlottetown , show support visit the ship and crew.

The high price of Freedom and Democracy ! ! ... . ....Tragedy in Moose jaw

May Justice prevail for M/Cpl Robbie Fraser, Oct 14, 08.

"Operation Aray" show combat engineers at work in Afghanistan

M/Cpl Fraser may now move on with his Life...,,, November Red Rally

A very important message to Canadians.

Key Words for our Judges to look at>Justice shall prevail

A Journalist's view of 30 Days in Afghanistan/..Nijmegen Flashback

>>>108 Canada's Eldest War Veteran">Another Sombre Journey upon the "Highway of Heroes"..Cpl. James Arnal,.....>>>>108 Canada's Eldest War Veteran

Is this the answer ? ? ? ? ? More Troops ? ? ?

"Sea to Shining Sea". .... .compliments of Via Rail Canada

Leasing Russki Helicopters??? Where are our Chinooks

"PEACEKEEPER" Captain Terry hunter of PEI godspeed on your mission in Khartoum

Thoughts on Life and work in Canada

HMCS Charlottetown, professionalism and Pride in their work.

My Heart is Heavy

National Peacekeepers' Day Bill C-287 Royal Assent

Sadly another Combat veteran of the 3rd PPCLI is killed

The forces of Fanaticism and Intolerance strike again.

Another week in the News !!! New Deployment, Georgia, CTV and Dogs of war.

Message from Khartoum...Capt.Terry Hunter our Islander in the Sudan

Canada bears the brunt of another Taliban attack. God Bless Our Soldiers

An Update from our Islander in The Sudan....Captain Terry Hunter

Recap ! ! ! and " Soldier On "

Children and their world Afghani & Canadian What a difference

Canadas Heroes Both Military and Civilian

The Disgrace of the Last Post Fund re: Ken Barwise MM CD

HMCS Queen Charlotte /Declaration of Military Support

A Reminder for PEI. Red Rally 29 May 08 Charlottetown

Thankyou to The few and the concerned. Red Rally Charlottetown

R I P Capt.R.S.Leary 2PPCLI.....PM stand your ground regarding US Deserters

The Sadness, Loss and Grief of a Silent Warrior.

If I were a well as comments on June 06,2008, 64 years after "D"Day

Another Casualty for The Patricias .........(PPCLI)

E- mail from Capt.Terry Hunter. . . . . Canada and The UN

Town Hall Meeting with The Veterans Ombudsman COLONEL (Retired) Patrick B. STOGRAN, MSC, CD

A worrying time for the Invisible Army......God Bless them one and all.

Friday Please show your Support, Always remember those who gave their Lives.


Superb CBC Coverage of a Soldiers' day in Kandahar. Red T Shirt Day.

Reflections on Canada Day . "" Oh Canada "" Have a good One Eh !

Enroute from Sea to Shining Sea, Today's News Topics close to my heart

RIP Soldiers of Canada Cpl Brendan Downey.... Pte. Colin William Wilmot

Holland suffers the loss of two more soldiers R I P

Holland loses 2 more soldiers in Afghanistan R I P

PTSD and after care, for our troops.

Something to ponder over???? Possible recruits

ANZAC Day Congratulations and Thankyou to our Allies !!!

Muzzle the Dogs RIDICULOUS ! ! !

Where is the coverage???? in the publically funded CBC ! ! !

Another Travesty of Canadian Justice..resolved after a decade!!

The Army and Flood assistance in NB

Readers Letters and comments,please keep them coming.

Information Sites Ref; Military and Families

Islanders ! ! Your Opportunity to show your SUPPORT

Another Young Soldier and an Older Veteran move on to the advance party.

Words from a Wise Journalist ref: Veterans Pension Clawback /Welcome Home HMCS Charlottetown

30 Billion Dollar Promise for the Military

Another Heroine of the Silent Army, God Bless

Another Week done, 2 wounded and Threats again! Plus a New Honour For Valorous Canadian Troops.

Valour, Wounded and Megalomania....Pro Valore !!

Do you know where your children are??? An old catchphrase

You could have heard a Pin Drop...Q & A

One of the most important Issues to come out of Afghanistan ! ! ! !

Another Soldier goes to the Advance Party........Mr Dion he was in a supply convoy

I E D's a difficult target to spot, harder to destroy ! ! !

Camaraderie...A personal and Public Thankyou

Global Assistance required ! ! ! ! Sad news but a bit of Success

Another Sad Friday, a Near Miss and the loss of another Soldier

Fifth Estate CBC Well Done ! ! ! ! Jack Layton Get with the TROOPS ! ! ! ! !

Parliament Votes in Favour the Peaceniks Protest

Two Soldiers Join the Advance Party God Bless them both.

Happy Birthday 20 March..The Right Honourable Martin Brian Mulroney OC

Easter Weekend Sadness and Joy

As the old Saying goes " The Cavalry have arrived"

Congratulations Gentlemen !! Thankyou

Gunners unhappy with the Air Strikes. Hang in Guys ! ! !

Update on 11 March Story "Global Assistance required"

WHAT A DISGRACE ! ! That Canada may not allow the flag to be lowered.....

Another Sad Day for a Canadian Family

Old Soldiers, Old Comrades, seeking Peacekeepers

Truckers rejoice...Tax money well spent ! ! !

Another Day in the Life of HMCS Charlottetown, " hard at er "

" Loadies delight " Tax Dollars well spent

Our NATO Fallen deserve respect, whatever their Nationality...R I P

Breaking News of CDS Retiring...............

Welcome Home HMCS Toronto..... and some nice coverage in the papers!

A CHRISTMAS Poem sent by Retired Servicewoman

A Heart Warming Story From Kandahar on this Christmas day

A Poem for our Silent Warriors

Sadness again for Canadians and their Loved ones.

Quebec Gunner Killed by IED.....L'Artilleur Québécois Tué par IED

First Day of 2008, may this year bring peace and happiness to one and all !

A wonderful letter from a retired Vet.

Please copy and paste to your browser

Farewell to another Young Canadian Soldier, Les Canadiens Portent le deuil !!

What a week, What is happening!!

Western Command Rotation begins, Manley report to be submitted.

" A line in the SAND" The Manley Report

An updated listing of NATO troops and others !! Serving in AFghanistan

A further Fatality in Kandahar...Shake your head Mr Dion

Return to Parliament.....Manley Report Big Question???

" Tuesday's Question Period"

Why Must this Young Soldier Suffer ! ! ! !

Layton and Dion Pay Attention to Canada's Commanders

Welcome Home Van Doo Advance party..Accueillez l'Équipe d'avant-garde de famille

Father and Son Proud Serving Canadians.....PRO PATRIA

Dion's libs ready to unveil Amendements to Afghanistan Mission!!!!

Flag Day 15 Feb."not a lot of people know that" as Michael Caine would say.

Thankyou to Supportive Canadians.....Military Families Support Centres.

What is that old Saying about Buying a used car. Does it count for Tank parts???

Parliamentarians...Please think of the Troops make a Firm Decision SOON ! ! !

Well Done Prince Harry! ! ! !......... SHAME Foreign Media

Progress amidst Terrorism.

" Not Quite Doctors "

Farewell and Smooth Sailing. Return Safely.

The Calm before the Storm! Some Thoughts

EME Proudly known as "The Maintainers"

A Close Call !! Thankyou PM Harper for this piece of Equipment,

A Blog for Remembrance

Lest we Forget...De peur que nous n'oublions !!

Military Camaraderie

Speaking with The MND The Honourable Peter MacKay

Have we learned nothing since WW1???

Another Sad Day for Canada and Canadians

Repatriation with a Pipers Lament

Sacrifice of Love ! ! ! A serving widow Cpl Dolores Crampton.

Comparing News Stories ! ! !

Military "Posties"

A Christmas Poem for the Troops.

Pride and Dedication to Duty..Spouses at the Front ! !

Holland Extends to 2010, Well Done, Something for Canada to think about!

Canadian Military Engineers " GENIE "

Hundreds of Mourners. Des centaines d'Assistants aux obsèques

Canadians in Iraq ? you Bet !!

End of Week Thanks and Thoughts.

A Heartfelt Letter from Afghanistan.


Plus de Morts...More Deaths KIA

Rest in Peace Soldiers and Interpreters

DND Please Pay Attention

Koreans released..... Taliban Vow to kidnap more people ! ! !

Afghan Police and Corruption

ADVISES.....Stay in Afghanistan as long as possible ? ??


Stay the Course PM Harper


Just some ""Thoughts""

Headlines, Good, Bad & Indifferent

""CONGRATULATIONS"" on a superb Event Welcome Home our Troops

Monday Morning Thoughts

Thanksgiving for Canadians

The LONG Run !!!

Master Corporal Robbie Fraser Be Strong Be Positive

Canadian medics provide aid ! ! ! !

Red Friday Today, RED RALLY 02 Nov 07 Charlottetown

"" The Survey ""

Simply a couple of Notes

Some News for Discussion !!

PM Harper Please HEED your Chief of Military Staff!!!

A bit of a Ramble !

A big Salute to the troops serving in Conflicts ! ! !

Instant Media Coverage !!

Further to Media Coverage !!!

The Piper's lament will ring again at the ramp ceremony.

Please wear Red Today Friday !! Show Support to our Troops.

Wear ""RED RALLY"" Charlottetown Friday noon 29 June 07

Have a GREAT CANADA DAY weekend

I am Shocked Personally ! ! ! !

No Charges Recommended !! US Tribunal

Reflections on the 6 Casualties from concerned Canadians!

" A heartfelt Thankyou for your Comments"

Returning Soldiers!!

Advance Party of the Infamous "Van Doos" heads to Kandahar

"A Time to Unleash the Dogs of WAR"

A few Disheartening truths about Afghanistan

" Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda "

A wonderful Visitor at the MFRC

What is Stalling the Upgraded Leopards???

PEI soldiers and their Dog

Good Deeds on the Home Front

Yet another 2 of our brave men!!!

LAV's require Maintenance !! Leopards require Replacement

Words from One of Canada's fine soldiers!!!!

Today is Red Friday ! ! !

One of Canada's brave troops,returns home.

Small Town Canada !! Gallipoli !!

Lets think POSITIVE for a safe return of all our Troops

Tank Tactics in Afghanistan

A tale of VETERANS !!

Red Friday !!! Red Friday !! Red Friday!!!

May God be with The UN troopers!!

Tying the hands of our soldiers ! !

Words Directly from the FRONT !!!

A word about care for our Wounded !!

Police Training Handed over to CANUCKS!!

PM Harper Visits the Front!!

Congratulations Flt/Lt Chris Hasler DFC / Operation Hoover Begins

Rest in Peace Cpl Matthew McCully.

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