A Logistics Nightmare ...Afghanistan 2014

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As the largest contingent of NATO troops within ISAF prepare to draw down and depart in 2014.

The question that many are asking is how will the Afghan Army survive. The numbers are supposed to reach 200,00 Afghan soldiers in uniform. Quite a significant number overall. However these soldiers are primarily infantrymen. Since Napoleon once coined that famous phrase, "an army travels on its stomach" the importance of logistics has grown tremendously. Afghan soldiers currently are fed, watered ,clothed and supplied with all the equipment need to operate as an infanteer. They are also transported to the allocatated areas of operation whether by NATO vehicles on land, or by NATO helicopters ferrying them in and out of hot zones.

The majority of Afghan soldiers are true to their tribe and country. The minority, are the ones involved in "Green on Blue" killings on behalf of the Taliban cowards.

As a retired member of the RCASC which has now morphed into the Logistical Branch, I fully understand the need for an operational line of logistical support. Without a professional supply route, nothing moves. The troops will still require Food, Water, Clothing, Weapons and ammunition, as well as transport to areas of conflict.

When NATO departs who will carry out this important role for the support of the Afghan National Army.

Al Jazeera has produced a well  researched video and article with regard to the future of the Afghan Army.


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A few days late but as they say better late than never. This story from the NATO news pertains to Saint Barbaras Day. She is the patron saint of Artillerymen. This story from Afghanistan.


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In 10 days or so Christmas will be with us once again. I hope that you give a thought to our military and their families, at this joyous time of the year. I add 2 Pdfs for your enjoyment. One is the story of a military bible carried by a young soldier.

The second a few photos apropos for Christmas.Nil Sine Labore



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