Collateral Damages Afghanistan !!

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A couple of Poems

Most of the time the media, presents Collateral Damages as the damage inflicted by Drones, Missile and explosives of all descriptions.

The innocent women and children are the greater part of Collateral Damages.

There are however the peaceful men who wish to work and feed their families. One large group of targetted men are the Transport Drivers that travel the dangerous routes of areas of Conflict. They transport by road the fuel, rations and equipment needed by NATO troops. They are on the hit list of the cowardly taliban and al quaida.

These men simply wish to earn their wages. Whatever will happen to them when NATO pulls out of Afghanistan. Corruption will be back in force and the taliban will simply eliminate anyone they suspect of helping NATO.

Afghan truckers a forgotten front in a war growing deadlier by the day

KHOSH GOMBAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - In the cabins of their "jingle" trucks flamboyant with tinsel baubles and painted tiger patterns as they move NATO's war supplies, Habibullah thinks he and other drivers are becoming a forgotten...

Meanwhile Syrian women ,children and other innocents are being attacked 24-7 by Assad the mad man and his army of Gangsters.

I have no doubt in my mind that both the UN and NATO will be sending  troops to defend these people against Assad "The Mad". Canadians are not new to Damascus and its environs. We had men and women stationed there for years. I infact spent many many happy hours exploring the souks of Damascus and enjoying the food and ambiance. What a tragedy that this country has been destroyed.

Please remember our Troops and their Loved ones.

I add a couple of photos of the colourful "Jingle Trucks" of the region.

Nil Sine Labore



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