Afghan Dreams and Night Raids??

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I spoke with my daughter the other day and mentioned the, shootings at the Christian College in the US. She told me I was the spokesman for "Doom and Gloom". I love my daughter, yet I cannot understand the people who do not watch the news. Sadly bad things will continue to happen whether  one watches the news or not.

If not for news be it good or bad, it is one way that we may be able to change things.

 I attaché a link in today's blog that was made in 2007. Has the dream of peace and happiness changed in the past 5 years, I doubt that. Watch the NFB  film and decide for yourself.

I cannot for the life of me, understand that the Afghan Government and the USA Government are re writing the standing orders on night raids. These raids I am sure disrupt a lot of innocent people, yet they must also gain first rate intelligence. The Karzai Government  and constitution state that a court order must be signed prior to night raids.

What does that mean?????

It means a greater chance of leaks to the Taliban. Secrecy must be the key to night raids. This is a war not a Drug Bust in downtown Toronto, or any western city, governed by law and order.

Afghanistan's constitution requires a judge to approve house searches by security forces. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who has been pressing for an end to the night raids in negotiations with the United States, has said some raids have violated Afghan sovereignty

Read the full story on this link:

Afghan Chronicles well worth watching. Although made in 2007. The dreams remain the same for the poor people of Afghanistan.

The NFB documentary is at this link:

Also for your information this link will show you what Canada is doing in Afghanistan currently:


So I say to my darling Daughter, the news will always be with us. Your Loving and caring Dad.

Please show support for our Troops and their Families.

Nil Sine Labore


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