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Clipper followed by a Colorado low

We've got two systems coming, then a quiet start to next week expected.
We've got two systems coming, then a quiet start to next week expected. - Cindy Day

Two very different systems will impact the weather across Atlantic Canada this weekend.  

The first will be a fast-moving Alberta clipper. As the name implies, it will race across the region with flurries, ice pellets and, eventually, showers. For about 12 hours, we’ll find ourselves in a wedge of mild air between the outgoing clipper and an approaching Colorado low. 

Moisture on the leading edge of the system will fall as rain – as much as 30 mm in some areas late Saturday into Sunday morning.  Then, as the colder air pushes down behind the system, temperatures will tumble, and the rain will change to snow.  There is, however, the risk of an extended period of freezing rain and ice pellets in that transition during the day Sunday.  

The northern edge of the line could get as much as 15 cm of snow with 20 mm of ice accretion possible with the freezing rain.  The weather pattern is expected to be fairly quiet through the early part of next week.   

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network

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