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CHARLOTTETOWN: Late weekend winter wallop

The fair weather system that sits overhead is going to yield to a powerful winter storm Sunday night. The system will move through quickly with snow and a brief period of rain. Snowfall totals will be in the 15 to 25 cm range with the higher of the scale over the western half of the Island. As far as the rain goes, we won’t gt much more than a few showers on the warm side of the system. While that brief changeover from white to wet is going to be messy Monday morning, the wind will be a major concern. Ahead of the storm, the SE wind will gust as high as 90 km/h then swing around to the west and gust to 60 km/h behind the low. Behind the system, temperatures will take another tumble and we can expect windy, cold weather to wrap up the month of February!

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