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Trotters in the spotlight today in Summerside

The horses line up behind starting gate at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway on Sunday afternoon.
The horses line up behind starting gate recently at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway. - Jason Simmonds

Little Miss Winnie is early favourite in tonight's fourth race

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. – The rookie and sophomore trotters will convene for their first meeting of the season tonight at Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway as part of Governor’s Plate Week racing.

The 12-dash program kicks off at 7 p.m. at the Prince County oval with three divisions of three-year-old trotters and a lone split for two-year-old trotters.

The two-year-old Atlantic Sires Stakes division in Race 4 could well be the largest purse of the season for the rookies with just eight entrants making for a combined purse of $15,580. All eight horses are making the first starts of their careers, but Little Miss Winnie is the early favourite by virtue of her 2:07 qualifier at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. Kenny Arsenault will drive the daughter of Tad The Stud from Post 5 for trainer Ralph Annear and owner Steven Sorrie of Montague.

In three-year-old trotting action, Race 2 will be the first split on the program with Sailor Blue favoured in the $6,340 event. Ken Murphy is in the race bike for trainer Cindy MacDonald of Montague, who co-owns the Ambro Barrister filly with Yossi Martonovich. Daisy River (Paul Lanigan) and Miss Emerson Ridge (Clare MacDonald) are other top entries.

The second division is in Race 6 as A Pure Heart is selected for the top spot with Post 5 for trainer-driver Danny MacDonald and owners Boyd MacDonald Produce Ltd., of Crapaud and Daniel Ross of Belfast. The Armbro Barrister colt was a second-place finisher in his last outing with Kent Beattie in the bike. The top three morning-line choices are filled by Majian Gilroy (Jim Ripley) and Dustylaneambyr (Jack Panting).

Buddy White gets top billing in the final $6,340 split in Race 8 by virtue of being the only horse in the division to win a race in this early point of the 2018 season. Adam Merner was in the bike that day and will be back at the controls tonight from Post 2 for trainer Stephen Gass and owner Blayne White of Belle River. Other top entries include West River Cindy (Clare MacDonald) and Osprey Delta (Walter Cheverie).

– Compiled by Nicholas Oakes for Red Shores.

SRW Entries

Harness racing entries tonight at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway.

7 p.m.

Race 1

1. Metro Man                D. Neill

2. Patrick Q                   C. MacPherson

3. Sanchez Blue Chip   C. Cheverie

4. Miramichi Gouch       R. DesRoche

5. Putnams Ramone     D. Spence

6. Hopedale Paris         J. Hughes

7. The Gormanizor       D. Dowling

8. Mia Lotta                   A. Merner

Race 2

1. Daisy River               P. Lanigan    

2. Madonna                  M. Heffernan Sr.

3. Never Fear               D. MacDonald

4. Miss Emerson Ridge M. MacDonald

5. Sailor Blue                 K. Murphy

6. Mile Hill A J                K. Arsenault

Race 3

1. Melray Moe                A. Merner

2. Ocean Prince             D. Dowling

3. Last Lie                      D. Spence

4. W C Little Willie         K. Murphy

5. Avondale Shui           A. Sorrie

6. Buddy Mach              J. Hughes

7. Glenview Piper         G. Chappell

8. Stonebridge Grand   G. Barrieau

Race 4

1. West River Dawn M M. MacDonald

2. Now Look At Here   A. Campbell

3. Bj Santana               Bri. MacPhee

4. Windemerebarrister J. Baxter

5. Little Miss Winnie    K. Arsenault

6. Ableway                  S. Shepherd

7. Mile Hill Willie         P. Morrison

8. Dusty Lane Mavis   G. Chappell

Race 5

1. Wilson Frost             A. Merner

2. Hunger Pangs          N. Rogers

3. Rojans White Jet      D. Dowling

4. C J Bluefin                N. Bambrick

5. Pictonian Sareta       A. Sorrie

6. Do Well Hill               K. Murphy

7. Swingirl                     C. MacPherson

Race 6

1. Majian Gilroy             J. Ripley

2. Dustylaneambyr       J. Panting

3. Oceanview Eunomia   K. Arsenault

4. Kris Me Goodnight    B. Andrew

5. A Pure Heart             D. MacDonald

6. Westview Dixie         C. MacPherson

7. Dora                          Bri. MacPhee

Race 7

1. Hello Chipper           B. Andrew

2. Rosberg                   J. Hughes

3. Dusty Lane Gloria    P. Lanigan

4. I Aint No Lady          Bri. MacPhee

5. Glencove Carter      S. Shepherd

6. Wedgewood             G. Chappell

Race 8

1. West River Cindy     K. MacDonald

2. Buddy White            A. Merner

3. Oceanview Mini       C. MacPherson

4. Oceanview Tadpole G. Chappell

5. Parkdale                   D. MacGregor

6. Final Prospect           K. Murphy

7. Osprey Delta             C. Cheverie

Race 9

1. Badlands Giovanna  C. MacPherson

2. Jds Double Dose      D. Spence

3. Dancers Pass            A. Sorrie

4. Bet Er All                   A. Merner

5. Celebrate Your Bet   D. Neill

6. Bowyer Hanover      J. Hughes

7. Cougar Gal              G. Barrieau

8. Brookdale Jim         B. McCallum

Race 10

1. Zip The Lip               Bri. MacPhee

2. Dusty Lane Jacob    K. Murphy

3. Isabella Hanover      A. Merner

4. Suicide Shift             S. Shepherd

5. Majian Chester         J. Ripley

6. Hop Up                     C. MacPherson

Race 11

1. K D Overdrive          G. Barrieau

2. Pictonian Storm        A. Sorrie

3. Positive Art               J. Hughes

4. Minor Wisdom         C. MacPherson

5. Artist List                 A. Merner

6. Stars Above            S. Shepherd

Race 12

1. Brookdale Buster      B. McCallum

2. Relleno Hanover      J. Hughes

3. Prince Adam            G. Barrieau

4. Darth Bader             E. Harvey

5. Brief Interlude          A. Merner

6. Twin B Shadow       D. Spence

7. Goodmorning Ky     K. Murphy

8. Allstar Seelster        N. Rogers

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