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Kenmac Energy Family Golf Classic draw

The Kenmac Energy Family Golf Classic will take place Thursday, July 18, at the Belvedere Golf Club in Charlottetown. From left are Beckett Quinn, Carter Campbell, Duane Richards of Kenmac Energy and Liam Moore.
The Kenmac Energy Family Golf Classic will take place Thursday at the Belvedere Golf Club in Charlottetown. From left are Beckett Quinn, Carter Campbell, Duane Richards of Kenmac Energy and Liam Moore. - Jason Malloy

Thursday’s draw for the 32th Kenmac Energy Family Golf Classic at Belvedere Golf Club in Charlottetown. Registration is from 7-7:45 a.m. with an 8 a.m. shotgun start. Breakfast is at 7 a.m. The rain date is Thursday, July 25. There will be two separate draws for juniors, a full set of golf clubs and a Titliest Driver, plus special prizes. Participants must be there to claim prize.

Hole 1

A – Terry and Cam Duffy, Roger and Keegan Duffy, Vernon and Clancey Doyle.

B – Dan MacIsaac and Luke Dickie, Mike and Beckett Quinn, Fred and Jason Coady.

Hole 2

A – Danny and Devon MacDonald, Brodie and Nash Coffin, Billy and Landon MacCallum.                                                                                     

Hole 3

A – Robbie and Jake McEntee, Earl and Carter Campbell, Justin and Nathan Muttart.

B – Shane and Will Dunn, Jamie and Parker MacDonald, Colin and Liam Moore.

Hole 4
A – Paul and Samuel Murnaghan, Forbie and Owen MacPherson, Kirk and Evan Nicholson.
B – Archie and Evan MacKinnon, Merlin and B.J. Affleck, Krista and Tyler Affleck.

Hole 5
A – Cheryl and Cassandra Paynter, Steve and Carter Gamester, Don and Bailey Carr, Tyler and Seth Fraser.

Hole 6
A – Ken and Brodie MacGregor, Todd and Riley MacKay, Dan and Thomas Hogan.

B – Paul and Chris Carmichael, Ron and Dempsey Stuart, John and Nathan Farrell. 

Hole 7
A – Darcy and Don Murnaghan, Allan Pickard and Ashley Murnaghan, Jeannie Ready and Jennifer MacDonald, Bonna Hyde and Gabe Ing.

B – Andrew and Emery Wood, Stephanie Macleod and Hayden Doyle, Jeremy and Alan Brown.

Hole 8
A – John Hastelow and Molly Molyneaux, Kenny and Nora Molyneaux, Ginette Plourde and Jacklyn Taylor.

Hole 9
A – Shane and Ella Grinton, Barry and Sherry White, Kent and Alex Nicholson.

B – Peter and Kayla Coady, Kim and John Gill, Connor Lee and Brent Coffin.

Hole 10

A – Ray and Lauren Carmichael, Carol and Dana Carmichael, Debbie and Robbie Gauthier.

B – Paul and Luke Cusack, Paul and Paul Neary, Kenny Connolly and Josh Lund.

Hole 11
A – Jack and Taylor Stewart, Mike Callaghan and Drew McPhee, Edmund Kelly and Reilly Fraser.

B – Jeff Roach and Cole Bell, Kristy and Chase Bell, Robert and Ethan Shaw, John Berry and Gavin Mason.
Hole 12
A – Jason and Coady MacKay, Blair and Nicholas Smith, Troy and Drew Warren.                      

Hole 13
A – Chris and Christian Irwin, Johanne and Mike Irwin, Jason and Kayla Batchilder.

B – Darren and Linda Fairhurst, Thane and Ethan Hansen, Nancy and Nicholas Clark.                                                                                   

Hole 14
A – Hoss Chandler and Rowan Glencross, Tim and Calum Lea, Robbie and Davis Younker.

B – Ron and Ronnie Garrett, Jeff and Kip Ready, Andrew and Trent Hayes, Gene and Ryan Power.

Hole 15
A – Phil O’Neill and Zachery Robichaud, Kelly and Josh O’Neill, Jim and Wendy Lockhart.

B – Joe and Mike Brown, Mark and Sean Rooney, Steve Band and Gabe Trainor.

Hole 16
A – Lowell and Robbie Kurylyk, Archie and Patrick MacFadyen, Jamie and Ryan Ellis.                    

Hole 17
A – Marion Younker and Katie Jollimore, Fred Younker and Mary Beth Malone, Lenny and Glenda Currie.

B – Peter and Christopher Gallant, Jeff and David Cooke, Willie and John Creamer, Kent and Travis Carr.   

Hole 18
A – Kathy and Laura Ready, Wenda and Isaac Pitre, Jeff and Sarah Willis.                             

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