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Island rosters set for Atlantic Challenge Cup hockey tournaments

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Hockey P.E.I. has set its rosters for the Atlantic Challenge Cup.
The province is sending four teams to Moncton for the Oct. 11-14 tournaments. Teams will compete in boys’ under-14 and under-15 as well as girls’ under-16 and under-18. The squads were selected following tryouts that included spring and summer camps.
“We feel very confident in how our high-performance camps were run this summer,” said Connor Cameron, Hockey P.E.I.’s technical director. “All four groups of staff did an excellent job and the players made for a lot of difficult decisions at every position.”
He said there is depth at each position for the two age groups (under-14 boys and under-16 girls) new to the high-performance program. He noted the under-15 boys’ squad is looking to improve upon last year’s silver medal finish while the under-18 girls’ squad is an exciting group that will compete with other provinces.
“Overall the excitement is high for this year’s Atlantic Challenge Cup,” he said.

Hockey P.E.I. High Performance
The following are the hockey teams that will represent Prince Edward Island at the Atlantic Challenge Cup, Oct. 11-14, in Moncton. Captains are marked with a * while assistant captains have **.



                                     Hometown             2018-19 team


George Gallant            Summerside           Summerside peewee AAA

Jackson MacDonald    Cardigan                King County peewee AAA


Lincoln Waugh *          Summerside           Summerside peewee AAA

Seamus MacEachern  Charlottetown        Sherwood peewee AAA

Jack MacKinnon           Emyvale               Sherwood peewee AAA

Justin Smith                  Stratford              Pownal peewee AAA

Matthew MacLean         Alexandra          Pownal peewee AAA

Riley Gallant                 Bloomfield           Western peewee AAA


Ross Campbell **       Souris                    Eastern bantam AAA

Evan Nicholson **     Stratford                  Pownal peewee AAA

Mason Power **A      Peakes                   King County peewee AAA

Dawson Sharky         Murray Harbour     King County peewee AAA

Carson Griffin            Summerside         Summerside peewee AAA

Wil White                   Charlottetown       Sherwood peewee AAA

Isaac Arsenault         Richmond              Western peewee AAA

Tyler Wood               Cornwall                 Mid-Isle peewee AAA

Colby Hudson           Alberton                Western peewee AAA

Michael Arsenault     Cornwall               Mid-Isle peewee AAA

Owen MacPherson   Stratford               Pownal peewee AAA

Ethan Dickson           Kensington           Mid-Isle peewee AAA

Coaching staff

Head coach – Travis MacIssac.

Assistant coaches – Will Zafiris and Cody MacPhee.

Director of operations – Connor Cameron.




Keifer Thompson        Summerside       Prince County bantam AAA

Shannon MacDonald   Charlottetown    Central bantam AAA


Nathan Mossey          Charlottetown     Central bantam AAA

Luke Coughlin *         Charlottetown     Central bantam AAA

Finn Morris                Charlottetown     Mount Academy

Connor Pierce           Charlottetown     Eastern bantam AAA

Harry Clements **     Murray River       Eastern bantam AAA

Ryan Steadman        St. Peters            Eastern bantam AAA


Caleb MacDonald **  Cardigan            Eastern bantam AAA

Patrick Shea              Alberton              Prince County bantam AAA

Cam Squires **          Charlottetown     Central bantam AAA

Sam Bowness            Clyde River         Mount Academy

Jonah MacDonald      Charlottetown     Central bantam AAA

Brett Arsenault           Charlottetown     Central bantam AAA

Jude Campbell            Mermaid            Mount Academy

Ryder Howatt             Cape Traverse    Mount Academy

Max Sentner              Cornwall               Central bantam AAA

Clark Allain               Summerside          Prince County bantam AAA

Creegan Thompkins  Charlottetown       Central bantam AAA

Brennan Murphy       Charlottetown       Mid-Isle bantam AAA

Coaching staff

Head coach –
Cory Parsons.

Assistant coaches – Chris Hedefine and Andrew Penny.

Director of operations – Ryan Power.




Cyriah Richards     Tignish         Western bantam AAA

Katie Hughes         York             Central bantam AAA


Grace Larkin                  Mermaid            Central bantam AAA

Erin Rennie                    Alberton             Western bantam AAA

Rachel Richards             New Dominion   Mid Isle bantam AAA

Caroline Thompson **    Crapaud             Mid Isle bantam AAA

Sarah MacEachern **     Cornwall           Mid Isle bantam AAA

Kayla Batchilder             Charlottetown   Central bantam AAA


Livi Lawlor **               Charlottetown     Central bantam AAA

Chloe Gallant             Ellerslie                Western bantam AAA

Harlee Bradley           Stratford               Mount Academy

Meg Aiken                 Charlottetown       Mount Academy

Sydnee Chaisson      Stratford                Mount Academy

Molly Doyle *             Auburn                  Central bantam AAA

Kailey Lutley             Stratford                Central bantam AAA

Abby Larkin              Mermaid                Central peewee AAA

Brook Walsh             Stratford                Central bantam AAA

Renee Chapman      Souris                    Central peewee AAA

Molly-Kate McInnis   Alberton                Western bantam AAA

Maggie Mullins         Charlottetown        Central bantam AAA

Coaching staff

Head coach –
Laura Dougay.

Assistant coaches – Nicole Derry, Kate Galloway and Ellen Chapman.

Director of operations – Lauchie MacDougall.




Hanna LeClair        Kensington     Mount Academy

Annie Hankoop      Alliston             Trinity College


Kyrsten Coyle        Summerside      Western midget AAA

Carla Stewart **     Crapaud             Mid Isle midget AAA

Libby Howatt           Charlottetown    Trinity College

Maggie Jamieson    Charlottetown   Central midget AAA

Hayley LeClair         Charlottetown   Central midget AAA

Audrey Donahue    Cable Head East  Kimball Union


Abbey Gordon           Murray Harbour     Kings County midget AAA

Emma Dyer               Summerside           Western midget AAA

Chloe Hawes **         Stratford                Mount Academy

Chloe McCabe           Charlottetown       Central midget AAA

Sophia Flynn             Emyvale                Mount Academy

Hillarie Gaudet **      Summerside           Western midget AAA

Jill Kelly-Murphy       Vernon River           Mount Academy

Charlotte Linkletter *  Summerside         Mid Isle midget AAA

Bridgette Linkletter     Summerside         Mid Isle bantam AAA

Tate MacDonald         Stratford                Mount Academy

Kate Ford                  Charlottetown         Central bantam AAA

Coaching staff

Head coach – Genna Phelan.

Assistant coaches – Sami-Jo Sentner and Emma Weatherbie.

Director of operations – Chris Harkness.

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