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Inspection confirms potato wart in P.E.I. field


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it has confirmed the presence of potato wart in a field in Prince Edward Island.
The virus crippled the Island's fresh market potato industry for six months in 2000, but even before the latest test results were released on Wednesday officials were playing down the impact this time.
The food inspection agency said in a news release the presence of the virus was found in single potato field in Freetown.
The agency said the field is in close proximity to a field that is already known to be positive and has been under surveillance since the first virus was detected in 2000.
It said it has advised Canada's major trading partners of its findings and begun measures to contain the virus.
Officials with the food agency recently said they are confident that protocols worked out with their U.S. counterparts will mitigate any potential fallout, including a border closure to Island potatoes, as occurred seven years ago.

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