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LETTER: Turned off by Trudeau and Morneau

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, speaks by video conference before the House of Commons standing committee in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on Thursday, July 30, 2020.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks by video conference before the House of Commons standing committee in Ottawa, July 30, 2020. — David Kawai photo

I tried but I just can’t do it. I really did, again and again. However, every time Justin Trudeau or Bill Morneau speaks, I get a bad taste in my mouth. They both apologized for not recusing themselves from the decision to choose the WE Charity as the sole administrator of a youth program. It’s not a criminal offence but it sure seems like a breach of an ethical nature.

Sometimes in political circles, it’s the appearance of wrongdoing that can lead to the downfall of a politician. No sign of it here. These elected members of the Canadian government are keeping a low profile these days, having junior ministers announcing new programs and policies. They are keeping silent, hoping this issue will pass quickly. They probably think they are above the rules, being so privileged and from the elite class of society. I get the impression that Trudeau and Morneau are arrogant when responding to reporters’ questions. They say they did wrong, but let’s move on.

Being an honest/honourable politician seems like an oxymoron. When are these men going to do the right thing? Just imagine if the Liberals had a majority government. What other situations could have gone unnoticed?

When Justin Trudeau first starting speaking during the COVID-19 pandemic, he usually announced, “We are there for you---.” Now, he should be stating... “ WE (the charity) is here for us.”

Jeff Holmes


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