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LETTER: Dashing through the snow

Dora and Maggie were on the lam for a short time during the weekend storm. —
Dora and Maggie were on the lam for a short time during the weekend storm. — Contributed photo

Having the storm with two big dogs is a bit of a challenge.

On Saturday morning, I let the dogs out to do their business in the backyard, only to find that the snow was higher than our six-foot fence. Both dogs didn’t even need to jump, they just walked over the fence into our neighbours’ yard and onto Baker Street. As soon as I saw them move across the fence I ran outside in a coat, pyjamas and boots without socks on. In my attempts to climb over the snowbanks to get to the fence I sunk waist-deep and my legs felt like ice. I quickly ran back inside, grabbed some snow pants, woke up my brother and we went after them again together.

Usually, we would take the front door and go down the street but it was completely blocked by snow so we were forced to venture out in the immense snowbank again. Luckily, cause of all the fresh powder and the fact that nobody had been outside yet, there were paw prints leading the trail to the dogs. Baker Street was like an abandoned wasteland; not a sound could be heard, not another living creature could be seen. At times, in tracking my dogs, I had to crawl in the snow so I wouldn’t sink. Eventually, we caught up to them and got them back to the fence.

Unfortunately, when my brother and I went over the fence in the start of all of this and sunk on the other side, it was hard for the dogs to go back over. My brother had to lift the dogs and place them into our backyard and safely back into the house.

What a way to start off a morning!

Ella Banfield,
St. John’s


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