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LETTER: Acting ‘naturally’ led to Trump’s fall, says Glace Bay reader

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

It was interesting to read the different perspectives on the recent American election by two former Northsiders, now living in the United States (“Ex-pat Capers reflect on state of affairs,’ Cape Breton Post, Nov. 10).

Brian Burton, who lives in New York City, was happy Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden won, correctly citing the coronavirus and Black Lives Matter Movement as decisive factors. He also noted that having a president who doesn’t believe racism exists didn’t help Donald Trump’s cause.

Bruce F. Evans, who lives in Arizona, is a typical Trump supporter, and didn’t mention the word racism. Republicans like to call it a racial divide. He wishes people would get beyond the more toxic elements of Trump’s personality. That’s very difficult, considering that Trump uses every opportunity to lie, disrespect and disparage anyone he doesn’t like, and taunts those who wear masks during the pandemic.

Trump faced one serious domestic challenge, the coronavirus pandemic, and he failed because he callously chose to mislead the American people. This became America’s version of the Nero Syndrome. Roman Emperor Nero supposedly played the fiddle while Rome was burning and his empire was falling. Trump, meanwhile, played golf while 10 million Americans were becoming infected with the coronavirus, a quarter million were dying, and tens of thousands were hungry.

Trump often reminds me of a very troublesome former student. The reason given for one of his numerous suspensions was: “being himself.” I can’t help but conclude that one of the reasons for Trump’s defeat was “being himself.” His antics can be summed up by two lines in Buck Owens’ 1963 hit, Act Naturally: “The biggest fool that ever hit the big time; and all I gotta’ do is act naturally.”

Thankfully, most American voters were less concerned about the darkness of one’s skin than they were about the darkness of the hearts, minds and souls of racists; and stood up to the political repression by Trump and the Republicans. Democracy did prevail, albeit a dictatorial democracy until Jan. 20.

However, the problem is still racism, but has the so-called racial divide become racial indifference?

Al Moore

Glace Bay


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