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OPINION: Wishing for return of fire and brimstone sermons

This stained glass window shows Mary holding her son, Jesus.
This stained glass window shows Mary holding her son, Jesus. - Contributed



Richard Deaton’s opinion on my toxicity in the Guardian Nov. 22 was really something. As Joe Friday from Dragnet the TV show would say,” Just the facts, Richard.” This is not a biblical reference.
Historical Joshua was born approximately 1500 BC. Historical and theological Jesus was born approximately between 6 BC and 4 BC. Same names occur throughout scripture and the Jews don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah and are still waiting for His arrival and false information is used to discredit Jesus. Such is the case.
Jesus is not a Christian but after His death his followers were called Christians. God is not intellectually flawed or a totalitarian and neither are true believers but God gives us all free will and has stamped on our hearts and minds what his will is and the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark, life and death.
Isaac is the son of the promise and Ishmael happened because Abraham thought Sarah was too old. God does not lie and Isaac became the son of the promise. Ishmael would never have happened if Abraham had waited on God. The Arabs are a great nation but the Jews are God’s chosen people and the apple of His eye, a Holy Priesthood.
The Dead Sea Scrolls provide convincing support for the genuineness of God’s revelation as given to us in the Bible. God gave the land to Israel and confirmed it in 1948. After years of exile and persecution the Jews returned to their God-given homeland. The Jews are central to end times prophecy.

Richard, you are bound and determined to fight against God and remove him from mankind. Belief in God is declining but that is just speeding us up to end times. God is delaying his second coming since He does not wish any should perish.

I am accused of fire and brimstone but 100 years ago, there really was fire and brimstone sermons and no apologies. Today the sermons are of comfort and everyone goes to heaven and there is no hell. Would that everyone keeps the Ten Commandments and then socio-economic problems and the middle-east situation would disappear.
Christmas is December 25 and we as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We say Merry Christmas while the rest of the world says happy holidays or season’s greetings. The Jews are still waiting for the promised Messiah, while Christians are celebrating his birth and awaiting his second coming. Believe what you want but the facts are really clear. Merry Christmas one and all.

- Ron Jenkins, Charlottetown, is a member of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

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