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OPINION: Lobster industry confuses consumer

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In his guest opinion, “Harvesting sector not at fault,” Robert Jenkins, president of the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association, takes issue with a recent letter to the paper from Stewart Lamont of Tangier Lobster in Nova Scotia.

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On the subject of lobster marketing levies, he writes, “Mr. Lamont makes no mention of the lack of any levy taking place in Nova Scotia or any apparent efforts to get one in place. Mr. Lamont’s sector seems quite content to ride on the coattails of Maine and Prince Edward Island when it comes to the promotion of Homarus Americanus.”

In the same light, Mr. Jenkins neglected to mention that P.E.I. lobster buyers voted to suspend collecting their share of the aforementioned lobster levy (CBC, May 2018).

Mr. Jenkins may be correct when he closes his letter with the phrase “the ongoing dysfunction of this sector.” I know, as a lobster consumer, I am confused about this whole industry most of the time.

Lloyd Kerry,


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